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15 Unique Things You Will Find Only In Japan

Japan isn’t just an amazingly beautiful country, it is also highly advanced. In many of our previous posts, we’ve discussed how Japan is light-years ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to technology and way of living. They continue to surprise us in different ways and show us that they have the consistent ability to think out of the box.
These pictures below show just why Japan is such an amazing place to live. Not only are they technologically advanced with their futuristic innovations but their focus on making life easier for the average citizen in unique ways is truly commendable. Take a look.

1. A restaurant where robots serve food and drinks. 

Japan, robots
Image source: mariothe81 / reddit

2. A smartphone screen-wiper dispenser.


Image source: Luwast / reddit

3. Hospital Food in Japan is sure to lift the mood of the patients! 

Japan,  hospitals

4. Many hospitals in Japan offer prescription glasses for seniors filling out forms.


Image source: Rasonic / reddit

5. Luggage pickup won't get more organized than this! All are upright with handles facing outward for easy pickup (taken at the Narita Airport in Japan).

Japan, Airport, luggage
Image source: abiem01 / Instagram

6. An unattended grocery store in Japan where you can pick up the necessary groceries and leave the money in the jar.

Japan, grocery store

7. Japanese taxis have these buttons in case the passenger would like to go slower.


Image source: petro26 / reddit

8. Some toilets in Japan have a button that plays white noise or water sounds. This allows people to use the toilets in comfort without others hearing them.


Image source: mikieliza / reddit

9. Many elevators in Japan are equipped with emergency toilets!


Image source: reddit

10. In Japan, you can buy ice cream in a fish-shaped cone.

iice cream

Image source: Zamorya/ Facebook

11. Several Japanese trains have designated smoking rooms.


Image source: dystortionation / reddit

12. Japanese ATMs are equipped with both cup holders and cane holders.


Image source: IntelWarrior / reddit

13. Specific slippers are given in many places in Japan for your bathroom visit.

Japan, bathroom
Image source: nn.naru.uu / instagram

14. To make traveling more relaxing, trains in Japan are equipped with footbaths.

Japan, trains
Image source: mariothe81 / reddit

15. In Japan, you will find these unique gum containers with pieces of paper for wrapping your used gum.


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