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6 Valentine's Day DIY Projects Anyone Can Enjoy

What says "I love you" better than a hand-crafted Valentine's Day card? This Valentine's day, show your admiration to your loved ones with a small DIY craft you made on your own. The paper garlands and decorations will fill your home with love, and in our opinion, they're cute enough to stay hanging long after February 14th. These 6 different DIY Valentine's Day projects are easy and do not require any special equipment.  



Tissue paper heart-wreath

This DIY tissue paper wreath is so fun because you can experiment with different colors and sizes. You don't even need to purchase the wreath base - simply upcycle a cardboard box from your last online delivery. Just a word of caution- when using a cutting knife, move it away from yourself as opposed to towards yourself. Safety first! As for the glue, either white craft glue or double-sided glue strips will do. 

Pompom hanging mobile

This tutorial will teach you how to make a durable hanging mobile with crepe paper and some cardboard. You can use either white glue or hot glue. Pro tip: you can swap the paper pompoms for some fuzzy felt pompoms for some extra oomph on your mobile! This will also cut preparation time by about a half. 

Foam flowers heart decoration

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to roll foam flowers by hand. Once you get the hang of the foam hearts, the possibilities are truly endless. You can use the same technique to make foam flower letters and other shapes. Make sure each piece is glued securely before moving on to the next. 

DIY Valentine's card

This tutorial is intermediate level and requires a steady hand, as we'll be using watercolors. We'll be making our very own Valentine's Day card! Pro tip: to further prevent the watercolors from bleeding into the heart center, use a white crayon to trace around it as it is a water repellant. 

Origami heart

The easiest piece of origami you'll ever fold is a heart. We suggest memorizing the steps so that you can make a small heart token wherever you go, on any piece of paper you'll find! Pro tip: fold several small hearts and glue them on the cover of your Valentine's Day card. 

Vertical paper heart garland

This project, while easy, can take a long time to finish. If you're looking for a quicker garland, you can make a horizontal one like so: cut several paper hearts, and punch two holes at the top of each heart. Thread them like beads on a string and hang wherever you like! That simple. 
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