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7 Step Baking Soda Solution to Your Troublesome Splinter

Having a splinter is awful. At best it's uncomfortable, at worst it can be horribly painful, particularly to small children. What's more, the thought of removing that wooden intruder with tweezers or a pin is enough to strike any soul with trepidation. But, luckily, here is a simple homemade solution you can make using baking soda. So, whip that magical powder out of its cupboard and let's get to work!

Step 1: Do not squeeze at it!

First, it's important you get a good idea of what kind of splinter you are dealing with, and where precisely it is. Squeezing may cause the splinter to go deeper into your skin, or even break it up into smaller pieces that are even harder to remove. So, refrain from squeezing.

Step 2: Clean the area, using soap and water

Always do this when you have any kind of open wound, to avoid infections. Then dry yourself off with a paper towel. Do so very gently, so as not to aggravate the wound. Remember that wood loves moisture, so keep it as dry as you can. 

Step 3: Look at the splinter using a magnifying glass

Make sure that the splinter is small. The method we are about to use makes the skin swell. This swelling will push out the splinter. But this will only work on small splinters. If yours seems rather large, you will have to consider some other methods.

Step 4: Make Your Baking Soda Paste

Your paste will be made with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and a little water. We want a nice thick paste.

Step 5: Apply your paste to the area

The best way to do this is to spread the paste on a bandage and place it over the splinter.

Step 6: Wait 1 day, then take the bandage off

Take the bandage off after one day. If you can see the splinter sticking out, you will then be able to pull it out (step 7) with a pair of tweezers, without penetrating your skin. And if it's sticking out but you can barely see it, it may naturally come out when you take a wash. 
If the splinter is still inside, repeat steps 4-6 as many times as necessary.

Step 7: Apply a topical anesthetic

Once you are ready to pull out the splinter, the area will still fees quite painful, apply some Baby Orajel to the wound. This ointment causes numbing, which should furnish you with the confidence to proceed. Wait just a couple of minutes and then pull it out with some tweezers. Finished.
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