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Your Loved Ones Would Appreciate These Affirmations

At a time when almost everyone is nervous or stressed, staying positive isn’t easy. Our loved ones need our support more than ever to get through these difficult times. One of the best ways to do so is through sharing words of affirmation with them. Affirmations are a great self-help strategy used to encourage self-confidence and belief in one's abilities.
Just like we perform exercises to improve our physical strength, affirmations are a form of exercise that improves our mood and changes our outlook on life. They can be an excellent coping strategy, whether you’re dealing with anxiety, want to motivate yourself, or just want to be more optimistic. If practiced regularly, affirmations can reprogram the way we think.
Encouraging Affirmations, holding hands
Some examples of positive self-affirmations are:
* “I know, accept, and am true to myself.”
* “I believe in, trust and have confidence in myself.”
* “I learn from my mistakes.”
* “My past is not a reflection of my future.”
While positive affirmations are usually used to motivate oneself and boost your own self-esteem, they can also be employed for someone else, when you know that someone close to you is in dire need of support. Sending positive affirmations to others helps them feel fulfilled and whole, promotes personal development and growth.
If you find that someone you love or care about is getting frequently entangled in the cycle of negative self-talk or is feeling down for some reason, use these positive affirmations to help them overcome negative thoughts.

1. "I’m Going To Do Everything I Can To Make Your Life Easier."

Encouraging Affirmations, emotional support
Say these words when you see someone you care about is going through a rough time. They may have suffered a personal loss or may be struggling with something. It’s time for you to ensure they don’t feel completely deflated. Make sure you back up those words with actions. Take some tasks off their plate or do something kind for them. It may not make a huge difference, but it will help more than you know.

2. "Thank You For Always Being There For Me. I Promise To Always Be There For You."

It may be your parents, your sibling, or your best friend. But if they have always been there for you through the tough stages of your life, you should do the same for them. And saying this to them, even in the form of a text message, can make a huge difference when they are truly in need of a loved one’s emotional support. Moreover, acknowledging the role they have played in your life is also an important way to make them feel better.

3. "You Are Someone That Makes Me Feel Safe."

feel safe

When you say this to someone, it means that you are very comfortable around them and trust the person. It lets them know that you feel free to let your guard down and show your authentic self when you are around them. Moreover, it also means that you feel internally relaxed with that person. Now imagine what a lovely vote of encouragement this sentence can be to them!

4. "I know how tough things have been lately, and I want you to know that the way you’re handling this is so inspiring to me."

Encouraging Affirmations, inspiring
Look around, and you will always find some shining examples in your close circle of people handling adversity in inspiring ways. Maybe it’s a relative who’s managed a financial crisis astutely or a friend who’s been extremely resolute in the face of a personal tragedy. But just because they’ve managed their situation well, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need emotional support. Telling them that they have inspired you will go a long way in instilling confidence in them.

5. "It’s so nice to be around your positive energy and smiling face."

Someone who is persistently cheerful, optimistic, and spreads positive vibes in your life deserves to be appreciated. People like these need to be treasured in today’s times, and saying these supportive words to them frequently will ensure that they remain their positive selves forever.

6. "I Am So Proud Of Everything You’ve Accomplished!"

Encouraging Affirmations, Proud Of
Sometimes, it’s important to let someone know you are proud of them. The best way to do this is by making them aware of your feelings. Saying this phrase to them will relay a feeling of pride for their success and will show that you are truly happy for them. It helps the person feel seen, heard, understood, and valued. Moreover, this will also strengthen the bond you share.

7. "You Are Making A Difference, In The Lives Of Others And In My Life."

Always remember to make sure that you show appreciation towards the people who've made a real difference in your life. Even if it was something as simple as their sincere belief in you, it matters a lot. Remember, the people in your life want that same validation you often seek. They want to know they matter. And if they have gone out of their way to make your life better, don’t they deserve some acknowledgment?

8. "I Believe In Your Ability To Succeed."


Everyone suffers from self-doubt from time to time, and hearing words of confidence from their loved ones can make all the difference. A simple affirmation saying that you notice and believe in them can really boost their confidence. You can say it, write it, or deliver a written message in person. But that one sentence could be and often will be the most powerful thing you do for that person all day.

9. "You Make My Life Easier Every Day."

Some people make your life better just by being around you every day. Even their smile helps lift your mood on a glum day. Let them know you’re grateful for their presence in your life by saying this out loud. Don’t wait for a special moment to say this. They deserve to know this every once in a while.

10. "Don’t Lose Hope Because Things Will Start Looking Up."

Encouraging Affirmations, Hope
Life is full of ups and downs, and things don’t always work out. If someone you love is going through a hard time or is feeling hopeless, this comment will help. Yes, it’s not something they aren’t aware of, but listening to it when they are disconsolate will remind them that this experience will pass, and they’ll find happiness again soon.
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