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Learn to Control Your Brain's Happy Chemicals

Feeling a little pessimistic is, at times, inevitable. Be it the current state of world events or the circumstances in your personal life, we simply cannot remain happy and content ALL the time. We totally get that, and we want to help, but I assure you, we are not about to waste your time with new-age mumbo jumbo. These infographics down below are science-backed ways for you to tap into the mechanisms of your brain and re-wire yourself back into happiness. Enjoy!

1. How to Boost Serotonin in Your Brain

Simply opening up a window to water your plants and enjoy the sun with them can do the trick. For an extended effect, check out some of the exercises we write about or spend an hour gardening!

2. How to Boost Dopamine in Your Brain

Self-care could even be looking away from the monitor and taking a minute to breathe. If you're looking for inspiration on some little everyday victories, here they are.

3. How to Boost Endorphins in Your Brain

Laughing? EASY! You know it's a no-brainer with the Baba Funnies Section. Alternatively, watch an all-time favorite movie with your loved ones. 

4. How to Boost Oxytocin in Your Brain

If you're okay with physical affection, make sure you offer your companion a real and deep hug, lasting at least 20 seconds. I guarantee a smile spreading on both your faces. 

5. Pay Attention to Signals From Your Body

Cranky for no apparent reason? Try examining your daily habits: do you lack sleep? Maybe a walk outside is needed? To organize your thoughts, my personal advice is to write them down. 

6. A Scientific Reason To Keep Pushing Through 

As someone whose personal motto is "Beginnings are the most difficult," I know that perfectionism will sometimes stop you from enjoying a new hobby or any other new field in your life. This graph shows you why you shouldn't give up when starting something new. 

7. Every Day You are Victorious

If you're not religious, you can still practice gratitude towards daily life. Try this: instead of feeling guilty for not working out, praise yourself when you manage to get back to your workout routine.

8. Remind Yourself of Your Best Qualities 

right brain left brain
No one can help you if you don't help yourself first. In order to do that, visit Authentic Happiness and take their personality traits exam. After signing up, find the VIA Survey of Character Strengths under the Questionnaires menu. It has 240 questions, but it goes by quickly, and it will highlight your best qualities, guilt-free! Once you're done, I suggest printing the results and looking at them every time you need a cheering up.
After that, feel free to explore the rest of the questionnaires. They are a good tool to help you reflect on yourself and examine your perspectives on life. They hold the potential to help you make changes for the better.
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