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These Pics Show That Accidental Science Can Be Amazing Too

Didn’t we all love spending time in the science lab at school and learn some cool experiments? Even though we might not have been good at conducting those experiments ourselves, a lot of us liked to imagine producing something neat and awesome with our science kit. Well, it seems that dream has lived on and common people still carry out some scientific experiments around the world; albeit unintentionally.
Here, we have collected some really cool pictures showing some accidental experiments with fascinating results that were performed or captured by common men and women.

1. This is what happens when you grow a pumpkin inside a plastic mold.

Accidental Experiments, pumpkin
Image source: Reddit/TheNameIsKevin

2. Swing a string of glow sticks with burning steel wool at the end and then take a long exposure photo. You might get something like this!

Accidental Experiments, burning steel wool

3. Horizontal mirrors put against a shack in the desert.

Accidental Experiments, mirrors
Image source: Reddit/AdamE89

4. Here’s a frog that has just gobbled down a few fireflies.

Accidental Experiments, frog
Image source: Reddit/mtlgrems

5. When an ordinary marble was heated over a flame and then instantly dropped into cold water.

Accidental Experiments, marble
Image source: Reddit/unicornheabutt

6. No, that's not glass. That's water in a lake that got really, really cold!

Accidental Experiments, water in a lake
Image source: Reddit/angry_m0nkey

7. Ever polished a coconut? Well, this is what that would look like. 

Accidental Experiments, polished  coconut
Image source: Reddit/Roctopus420

8. That's not a weird plant in a desert. This is what happened when lightning hit beach sand.

Accidental Experiments, lightning
Image source: Reddit/Criptufu

9. Whoa! The mist around this waterfall has actually frozen...

Accidental Experiments,
Image source: Reddit/joshmea

10. This looks like some weirdly decorated house. But the ‘design’ here is a result of 50 mph (80.4 kph) winds, freezing temperatures, and Lake Erie hitting it simultaneously. 

Accidental Experiments, freezing temperaturesImage source: Reddit/viciann

11. It looks like some painting of a tree on a wooden surface, right? But this is the result of wood being burnt in high voltage. 

Accidental Experiments, wooden surface
Image source: Reddit/-N3ptun3-

12. When lightning struck a flag on a golf course!

Accidental Experiments,  lightning
Image source: Reddit/mtlgrems

13. Ever seen windmills in fog? Well, here you go!

Accidental Experiments, windmills
Image source: Reddit/Vmoney1337

14. Nature has taken over this boat on a river in Frankfurt, Germany.

Accidental Experiments, Nature

15. A bike that was left outside and unattended for way too long. It's as if the moss has created its own colony inside the seat. 

Accidental Experiments, bike
Image source: Reddit/teton_blamer

16. When someone tried to cook food in Antarctica with freezing temperatures of at -94°F (-70°C).

Accidental Experiments,
Image source: BoredPanda

17. Some might mistake it for some odd piece of modern art. However, that's asphalt after it was struck by lightning.

Accidental Experiments, asphalt
Image source: Reddit/1Voice1Life
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