Do You Have a Rebellious Spirit?

Do you make rules or break them? Do you believe in the following tradition or going your own way? Take this subconscious personality test, answer our questions with your gut feeling, and perhaps learn the answer to these questions.
Pick the motorcycle that attracts you the most
Love, money or power?
Which color you think is most salient in this photo?
How does this photo make you feel?
What, in your opinion, is the most significant thing in this photo?
The sea
The lion statue
The lighthouse
The shrub in the front
The mountains in the background
The people on the wave breaker
What color do you think is most salient in this photo?
What do you think this cat is feeling?
It's scared
It's curious
No idea
It's hunting
It's just resting
Which color would you pick for the walls of this house?
I'd leave it as is
What kind of bonsai tree would you like?
Rightmost one
Second on the right
Middle one
Second on the left
Leftmost one
What kind of environment would you prefer to work in?
Which building design do you find the most impressive?
Yuval Y
Which color do you find most salient in this photo?
A Rebellious Spirit Indeed!
According to your test answers, your psyche is drawn to irregular choices and decisions; decisions that break conventions. The things that are important to you are often different from most people's. Not that it bothers you. In fact, it may be that, deep in your heart, you may be glad to be a bit different. Thanks to your rebellious psyche, we are sure you have had many unique experiences in life that other people never stumble upon, really maximizing the human experience. This may sometimes bring stress from the outside environment as well as from yourself, feeling like there's something wrong with the way you are doing things, or perhaps guilt that you're not doing what people expect you to do. Please don't listen to that voice, do things the way that makes you happy, for you only have this life to enjoy them. We hope you continue to enjoy your own kind of life, and remember the words of the great Frank Sinatra: "I did it MY way..."
A Spirit of Balance
According to your test answers, there seems to be a healthy balance in your mind between the urge to rebel and accepting certain things as they are. There may be a great number of things in this world that bother you, but you are aware that many of life's misfortunes cannot be mended. On the other hand, when you encounter something that arouses deep resistance or disgust in you, you have the strength to choose other paths, even when it is difficult and challenging, even when other people may not want you to. The problem with this approach is you may have longer reaction times because you have more options on how to react and to think about a problem. You may find yourself also second-guessing yourself or regretting certain decisions. We do not doubt that it frustrates you sometimes, but on the other hand, we're sure that it's better for you to deal with these thoughts than to act automatically in a rebellious or conformist way. Follow your own path and trust your judgement, there's a reason you feel the way you do.
Not Rebellious
According to your test answers, you're not the most rebellious type and tend towards realism. You "flow" with the people around you and you're patient with mainstream trends. This probably means that people feel very comfortable around you and that you have little problem reaching compromises when possible, but it is important for us to remind you not to do so at the expense of things that matter to you. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid a little rebellion and breaking conventions in life - even if it leads to crises, it is better than mental oppression.