How Rebellious Were You?

There are several periods of time in the life of a person. We name them as baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult etc. The more we mature, the more we learn about how to behave and what is right. However, as kids and teens, we often do very rebellious things. Answer this test honestly and let's find out how rebellious YOU were as a teen!
Before the age of 21, did you drink any alcohol?
Sure, before I was 18 as well, and lots of it
Yes on a number of occasions
Yes, but maybe just once or twice
Not at all
As a child or teen, did you ever shoplift?
Oh yea, all the time
It happened once in a while
Maybe once, as a child
Have you ever tried drugs (other than booze) before age 21?
Sure, many of them
Yes, I used to smoke pot
Yes, but only once or twice out of curiosity or social pressure
No, never
No, but I smoked cigarettes
As a child or teen, did you ever "run away from home" or gone to live with friends for a few days after fighting with your parents?
Yes, often
It did happen a few times
Maybe once, and only for one night
No, I never did that
When did you lose your virginity?
Before age 16
Around age 16-17
Around age 18-21
After I was 22
Only when I got married
As a child or teen, did you ever steal money from your parents?
Whenever I thought I could get away with it
Only a few small amounts when I was desperate
I only did it once and felt bad about it
I would never have even thought about it
When you were a teen, how often did you fight with your parents?
Pretty much every day
A few times a week
Probably no more than once or twice a month
We almost never had a fight
Before the age of 21, did you ever get in trouble with the law?
Yes, more than once
Yes, but only the once
No, mostly because I was never caught
No, and never had a reason to
How would your teachers at school describe you?
A troublemaker
A quiet, shy student
A well behaved, knowledgeable student
A good student but talkative and disruptive
As one who misses too many lessons
What did your parents think about the friends you hung out with as a teen?
That they were bad for me and I should stop hanging out with them
That I could 'do better', but they didn't hate them or anything
They liked them well enough and were happy I enjoyed their company
They loved them! They were like second family at our place
Some they liked, some they really didn't
As a teen, how did you view your parents?
As loving but suffocating and too restrictive
As loving, kind and permissive
As cold, authoritarian and clueless
Remote, uncaring and permissive
As loving but lazy, they didn't really check up on me
As a teen, did you ever do something that would put your life in danger?
All the time. Playing chicken, going to dangerous places or doing dangerous stunts
Sometimes, yes, especially if egged on or drunk
I did a few times, but always regretted it because it scared me
No, I never got close to a situation like that
Yes, but completely by accident
A Born Rebel!
Wow! You weren't just rebellious; you were James Dean on a rampage! It seems like you had quite a rough or adventurous childhood and teen years. In any case, it was hard to stop you from doing whatever it is you set yourself to do. You were as rebellious as they come! We hope you've had some time to find more peace in your life since then, and you've probably found ways to use this determination to your advantage.
Quite Rebellious
While you didn't make your parents' hair turn white, you probably are responsible for a few gray hairs here and there! From your answers it seems you were quite the rebel in your youth, stopping shy of getting into life-altering problems, but taking a lot of risks anyway. This is a stage many should go through, as it makes us more aware of what to watch out for in our own children. We hope you've learned from your rebellious days!
A bit
You were a bit rebellious in your youth, but no more than any other teen, and less than many. You got along well with your parents, studied and did what you could to make them proud. That said, here and there you cheated a bit, as one must at some age, to develop your own individuality and sense of freedom.
Not at all
Wow, you were a model kid! Your parents must have been so calm knowing their child wasn't going to do dangerous things or hang out with dangerous people. That said, we hope you learned that in life, it's ok to bend the rules here and there. After all, we're only human, aren't we? So be understanding when it comes to your children rebelling, it's a natural part of many people's life, even if you never felt the need.
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