What Kind of Mental Strength Do You Have?

 We all have our own strengths - things we're good at, things we're confident of. These are pretty obvious to see at work or at school. But when it comes to our mental strength, our ability to ENDURE, what can we weather best? This personality test is designed to give you that answer.
Which of these would you find hardest to withstand?
A sleepless night of breaking up a long-term relationship
A sleepless night of completing an important academic paper in time to hand it in the next day
A sleepless night of trying to do bad stand up in front of a hateful crowd
A sleepless night of running an obstacle course
Choose a profession you'd be good at.
Building Architect
Criminal Defense Lawyer
Complete the sentence: "I get antsy when...
I'm alone too long."
something is expected of me."
I'm inactive too long."
I don't get enough alone time."
I don't get antsy.
How much do you worry about your children or grandchildren? (or if you don't have children, what would you imagine as your chief worry?)
I worry they'll never find happiness
I worry they'll have a low quality of life
I worry they'll get hurt or sick
I worry they won't listen to me
I worry about all of these all the time
I worry they'll be pushed around
Which of these animals is closest to who you are inside?
What do you look for (or did look for) in a mate?
Someone who is easygoing, understanding and supportive
Someone who always pushes me to be better and overcome
Someone who sees me for who I really am
Someone who really needs me
Someone who is as complicated and messed up as I am
Which of these is a bigger regret of yours?
I let someone lead me astray
I let myself down by not believing in myself
I was lazy when I could have achieved something
I lost someone I miss because they were hard to handle
Does your family ever give you grief?
Yes but I'm used to it so I'm not bothered by it
No, they learned not to
Yes, but I don't care what they think
No, they have no cause to
You've made a really bad mistake in judgement that caused people pain. What do you do?
Confront them and face their justified anger.
I carry on. Mistakes happen.
I will make sure it never happens again and promise them that.
I will work hard to make up for my mistake in many small ways or in one great way
Choose a tool you'd rather use (some are for different lengths of time, h is for hours).
Chainsaw for 1h
Soldering for 5h
Screwdriver 3h
Bulldozer 1h
Wrench 3h
Crane for 1h
Which of these actions do you think is the weakest?
A person breaking up over a text message
A person breaking up because their parents don't like their partner
A person quitting a course because they failed the first assignment
A person quitting a needed diet after three weeks
Emotional Endurance
According to your responses, your greatest mental strength is how you weather emotional events and ongoing emotional hardship. <br><br> A lot of people equate strength with aggression or assertiveness. While these may represent a type of strength at times, rarely do we think about how difficult it is for a lot of people, even confident people who are otherwise strong, to deal with certain emotional situations. <br><br> Emotions, by their very nature, are personal and strike to the heart of us. You are one of those people who can not only survive difficult emotional situations, but you do not shy from them, you weather them, if for a day or for a month. You weather worry, anxiety and depression, you weather the emotions outpouring of others, and you weather your own doubts. For many, this is the most powerful of mental strengths.
Resistance to Outside Pressure
According to your responses, your mental strength lies in your resistance to outside pressure. <br><br> Many are the people who seem very strong, but surrender very quickly to the opinions of others or to societal pressure, even if it negates their own true selves. You are not one of those people. <br><br> You are an island, a bastion. You are self-sufficient, independent and proud. You have no need for the good opinions of others nor their support of your choices. You have no idea how rare this truly is, even if you do care a bit. Most people tell themselves they don't care, but they do. To be truly independent is to be resistant to outside pressures, and these are around us at all times, so that is quite the show of endurance.
A Strong Faith in Yourself
According to your responses, your mental strength lies in your unshaken, unconquerable belief in yourself. <br><br> You have a strong belief in yourself that allows you to do things others wouldn't even try. Most people have some belief in themselves, but most don't have complete confidence, cowed by mistakes and the fear of making more of them. However, you feel strong within yourself. You have the kind of faith in yourself that makes people do incredible things, succeed against the odds and inspire others to similar acts.
Commitment and Endurance
According to your responses, your mental strength comes from your enviable ability to endure difficult and long-term commitments. <br><br> Many people can endure things for short amounts of time or for short bursts, but are cowed by long-term endurance and true commitment to a goal that has not immediate reward. You're not one of those people. <br><br> You find hard work challenging physically but not mentally. You can take long-term projects in the knowledge that you can show the commitment and endurance of discomfort needed to complete ambitious goals that take time and effort to achieve. You prefer to do things gradually and with patience, because you know that's when you're at your best.
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