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Santa isn't the only one coming to town.
Let’s pretend to be presents and get laid under the tree.
Let’s both be naughty and save Santa the trip tonight.
The milk and cookies at my place taste good for breakfast too.
Your stocking isn't the only thing I'll be stuffing tonight...
If you wake up in a box tomorrow morning, it's cause I asked for the sexiest person in the world for Christmas.
I've got the keys to the sleigh tonight.
I've got something special in the sack for you!
I can tell you're quite the elf-a male.
Do you like the song "Jingle Bells"? Because you look like you go all the way!
Are you interested in seeing the "North Pole"?
Let's get drinks, cuz I wanna get into the holiday ~spirit~ with you.
I don't have a Christmas list, cuz you're already the best gift.
You’re the only rein-dear for me.
The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but you stole my heart.
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