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These Aerial Shots Present Nature In Her Finest Glory

If you have ever caught the views of nature from the top of any mountain, you would know that scenes from above can be truly magnificent. That is why aerial photography is such a fascinating medium. You can get to truly appreciate and understand our planet’s spectacular beauty with the help of aerial photographs. One photographer who attempts to do exactly that is Tobias Hägg.
The Stockholm-based photographer has been capturing the spectacular bird’s-eye views of oceans and forests in outstanding detail. Even the simplest scenes of nature find rich vivacity in Hägg’s aerial shots. Of late, he has been focusing a lot on the Swedish Lapland, an area of his home country, and wants to show its beauty through his eyes to the world.
Let’s now take a look at some of the best aerial photographs of different landscapes by Tobias Hägg.

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1. Where delicate pink sand dances with the waves...

Aerial Photos, waves

2. One could simply immerse themselves in this tropical heaven

Aerial Photos, tropics

3. Another stunning shot of Iceland's mesmerizing natural environment 

Aerial Photos, Iceland

4. Breathtaking view of a waterfall in Iceland

Aerial Photos, waterfall in Iceland

5. Swedish wilderness at its glorious best! 

Aerial Photos,Swedish wilderness

6. The Ghaf trees, a species of drought-tolerant trees, in the deserts of Dubai

Aerial Photos, trees

7. It's as if somebody has painted lovely strokes on the canvas of earth...

Aerial Photos, strokes

8. The glacial rivers of Iceland

Aerial Photos, rivers

9. Skeleton Coast, along the Atlantic coast of Namibia

Aerial Photos, Skeleton Coast,

10. Spectacular views from above the Skierfe rock in Sweden

Aerial Photos, Skierfe

11. Beautiful waves clash with the sea waters on the coasts of Africa

Aerial Photos, wave, coasts of Africa

12. The Laguna Rosa (the Pink Lagoon), also known as the Torrevieja Pink Lake in Spain

Aerial Photos, Laguna Rosa

13. Delightfully beautiful patches of trees in Autumn in Sweden 

Aerial Photos, autumn in Sweden

14. Waves crash into the shore at Reynisfjara, also known as the Black Beach in Iceland because of its distinctive volcanic black sand

Aerial Photos,  Black Beach
Images credit: Tobias Hägg
You can check more works of the photographer on his Instagram and Facebook pages. 
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