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These People Made History But Never Made the Headlines

 As we all know, there are two sides to the coin. But in real life, there are plenty more than just two sides to a story, and there are even more different perspectives on history. It is never truly objective. Each person will tell you an event from their own point of view, affected by their beliefs and life experience. For the curious minds, here is a list of interviews with people who share their perspectives on well-known historical events. 



Uncovered Abuse in the Catholic Church and Was Ignored 

35 years ago, the Catholic freelance writer and journalist Jason Berry uncovered the scandal of sexual abuse cover-ups by the Roman Catholic church. Why was it only published 20 years ago? Listen as he tells how numerous publishers and newspapers refused to publish his story. 

Lucy Made NBA History in 1977

Lusia “Lucy” Harris grew up in a family of cotton pickers in rural Mississippi. She was teased for how tall she was but quickly learned what an asset it was when she became a basketball player. She became the first woman to be officially drafted by the NBA. 

Mr. Salt Was the Runner Up to Colonel Sanders

Having received good feedback on his family recipe for fish and chips from navy soldiers in World War II, Haddon Salt left England to pursue the American Dream with a Fish and Chips franchise. It became an immediate hit. And then, KFC entered the competition. 

Ed Dwight Became Famous For What He Didn't Do 

Ed Dwight Jr. became famous for something he didn't do. He DIDN'T travel into outer space as the first African-American astronaut. This is despite being summoned to the training program by president John F. Kennedy himself. What went wrong along the way?

She Changed Astronomy. He Won the Nobel For It. 

Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered a kind of star called pulsar as a Ph.D. student. At the time, the press only made an accessory of her, and years later, the astronomer Anthony Hewish won a Nobel Prize for her efforts. Here's her side of history. 
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