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These Breathtaking Bugs Will Make You Want to Adopt Them as Pets

 It's no secret that the greatest artists in history all learned from nature. You could see them all, as part of their training, setting up an easel in the mountains, in the fields, or near a lake. That is because the greatest artist in history is no man at all, it is Mother Nature herself.
From humbling storms and volcano eruptions to the tiniest, almost invisible snowflakenature manages to leave us speechless with her magnitude, power, and beauty. This is also true for some of the animal species you can find in nature, like the extravagant peacock or the aristocratic cheetah. Here is a collection of 12 beautiful insects. I promise - you've never seen anything like them before. They will change your opinion of insects!

1. Roseate Skimmer

2. Giraffe weevil

3. Saddleback caterpillar

This pretty caterpillar got its name for the cute little dot in the middle. It's meant to alert potential predators of its toxicity. 

4. Hypselodoris Bennetti

This squishy fellow is actually a tiny species of sea slug!

5. Imperial tortoise beetle

6. Goliath beetle

7. Peacock spider

8. Mirror spider

This spider also goes by the name "bling spider." Look at its bejeweled body! 

9. Picasso bug 

10. Turquoise shield bug

11. Gray's leaf insect

This is a male specimen. The female actually looks like a green bug!

12. Orchid mantis

If you'd like to see more intricate insects, check out this post, and this one as well
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