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These Cats Adopted Their Owners

 Most of us take reasonable precautions when protecting and sealing our home against intruders, be it burglars or even just an irritating bug. If we live in certain areas we would even want to keep out snakes, rats, or other dangerous pests. But would you believe me if I told you there is a very specific kind of intruder you are actually likely to welcome?
This cutie decided to move in on a whim
Neither belong to the homeowner, but they religiously visit together every day
Lurking in the shadows? Or just looking for a new pair of pants?
Gotta be heartless to not shelter this baby from the storm
The homeowner's cat sneaks in this outsider!
The neighbors' cat knows he is as pretty as a flower
The cat council awaits you outside for their daily feeding
This stunner secured himself a free ride with this truck driver
Looking for cat treats?
Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you?
Imagine waking up to this beauty! Pleasant or alarming?
This one tried to disguise himself as salt and pepper!
The dishes really are neverending
Warm and toasty!
"You really ought to clean up more!"
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