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Proud Dog Moms and LOTS & LOTS of Cute Puppies!

 Loving mothers are found and cherished among all species. Like human mothers, dog mommies are endlessly loving and caring of their little ones, even if there are 10 to 14 of them. In this lovely collection of photos, you will see 20 proud dog moms and their many adorable pups. Even those who have a heart of stone will go ‘aww’ after seeing these heartwarming moments!

1. A mother's hug is the warmest!

Dog Mommy Moments hug

2. "May I present to you, the beautiful and rare Dogtopus."

Dog Mommy Moments Dogtopus

3. What a picture-perfect family!

Dog Mommy Moments corgis

4. Sweet dreams!

Dog Mommy Moments sleeping

5. These people have their hands full with Labrador puppies...

Dog Mommy Moments  hands full with labrador puppies

6. "Not quite what we were expecting. Our foster dog and Golden Mix gave birth yesterday... to baby cows. She is one proud Mama."

Dog Mommy Moments baby cows


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7. The expression he made when he saw his puppies for the first time...

Dog Mommy Moments dad

8. A mother always protects her little ones

Dog Mommy Moments protective

9. Just look at those cute paws!

Dog Mommy Moments cute paws

10. She couldn't be happier!

Dog Mommy Moments happy lab mom

11. Aren't pitbull puppies the cutest?!

Dog Mommy Moments pitbull puppies

12. Lab puppies come in all sorts of colors, and here's the full range:

Dog Mommy Moments Lab puppies come in all sorts of colors

13. "Repeat after me, kiddos."

Dog Mommy Moments corgis belly up

14. Like mother, like pups!

Dog Mommy Moments Like mother, like pups

15. She's so proud of her babies!

Dog Mommy Moments smiling dog and puppies

16. A hammock full of husky babies!

Dog Mommy Moments husky babies

17. It's family picture time!

Dog Mommy Moments family picture

18. This is the most photogenic dog mommy we've ever seen!

Dog Mommy Moments photogenic dog

19. Smile for the camera!

Dog Mommy Moments sausage dogs

20. How adorable!

Dog Mommy Moments
Source of all images: boredpanda
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