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These Beautiful Flowers Are All Edible - 20 Pictures

 The flowers we are about to share with you are not only beautiful, but they’re also quite delicious! How come? Well, this is because they are not real flowers, although we wouldn’t blame you if you thought they are, since they look just like the real thing. These intricate flowers are made of sugar by the hand of the talented Australian confectionary artist Michelle Nguyen.
Michelle Nguyen sugar flowers
Nguyen is a world-renowned sugar molding artist, and you can probably understand why. She specializes in crafting sugar flowers so realistic that you probably wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from real ones. Nguyen was awarded as the Best Australian Sugar Florist from ACDN, and the Australasian Sugar Floral Artist of the Year by the ACADA 2019.
The gorgeous roses, peonies, poppies, tulips, hibiscuses, and other flowers she creates look as if they were just freshly-picked from a garden! Complete with delicate petals and leaves, these blooms were all hand-molded from fondant and painted with food coloring. So one could bravely take a bite of these beautiful flowers, although they certainly look too good to eat!
Scroll down to see even more of these treats to the eyes and stomach.
See more of Michelle Nguyen's beautiful flowers on her Instagram Page and Facebook Page.
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