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Nobody Seems to Know What These 14 Peculiar Items Are!

 Our world is full of mysterious wonders. Even though we may not realize it, there might be something truly fascinating and peculiar hidden right near us. This collection of pictures we have shared below consists of mysterious and weird objects and artifacts that have been found by people in different parts of the world. From odd-looking plants to mystifying devices, these peculiar findings really puzzled people. 
However, we have solved the mysteries behind these unknown objects and answered them for you. Let’s see if you can first recognize any of these things without looking at the answers below each picture. Sounds fun, right?

1. This oddly-shaped wood piece appears to be from some foreign land. 

Mysterious Objects, wood
Image credit: ryan4loco / reddit
Answer: It's a Banksia pod that originates from southwestern Australia.They are large and solid enough to be used for woodturning applications. 

2. Small plastic figurines found buried in someone’s backyard.

Mysterious Objects, plastic figurines
Image credit: Beatrixie / reddit
Answer: These are figurines from a Monopoly game called ‘Get Out of Jail’.

3. A 1940s wall device that confused not just the homeowners but even their electrician. 

Mysterious Objects, wall device
Image credit: HypeQueen / reddit
Answer: That’s a Honeywell Time-O-Stat. Produced around 1930, it's a thermostat that cuts off the heat when the countdown timer runs out.

4. These curious underwater objects were found by someone at a resort in Cancun. 

Mysterious Objects, underwater things
Image credit: adelaide345 / reddit
Answer: These are called reef balls. They are artificial reefs or reef modules that are placed in the water to form a reef habitat.

5. Looks like some ancient coin, doesn't it? 

Mysterious Objects, ancient coin
Image credit: AlvinOblivion / reddit
Answer: There's actually nothing ancient about this object. It's a part of a set of toys that came with malted milk.

6. This old wooden object was found in a family's home. No one could figure out what its purpose was.

Mysterious Objects, fastener
Answer: It’s an old Parker’s Foundation Fastener from the 1800s. The foundation is like a wax starter for the honeycomb. In beekeeping, the keepers get the bees started by putting starter wax into the frames. This would allow them to have something to work with, while the bees draw it out into the honeycomb. 

7. These heavy metal cubes have different shapes on each side. 

Mysterious Objects,  metal cubes
Image credit: charliebarge / reddit
Answer: That’s a replica of a lucky dice used by Han Solo, a character from 'Star Wars'. 

8. This tiny metal object has no text or numbers. But it opens to be the size of a bracelet.

Mysterious Objects, bracelet.
Image credit: s1l4z_behr / reddit
Answer: As mysterious as it looks, this is actually the closure part of a really old purse or small handbag.

9. This looks like an oddly-shaped alien object. 

Mysterious Objects, rose of jericho
Answer: It's a Rose of Jericho. This small gray plant is native to western Asia and is known for its many amazing abilities and uses.

10. These exotic but weird metal objects have been in someone’s house for years.

Mysterious Objects, metal things
Answer: They’re andirons, also called fire dogs. They are used for storing logs for the fireplace. 

11. A wooden box with sized metal tools, circa 1889. 

Mysterious Objects, wooden box
Image credit: spenner13/ reddit
Answer: That’s a Singer Sewing Machine puzzle box that also contains attachments. 

12. Looks like some ancient era machinery abandoned in the wild.

Mysterious Objects, machinery
Image credit: wildm0nk3ies/ reddit
Answer: It’s probably the boiler of J. Marhoffer, a steamboat that was wrecked on May 18, 1910, just south of Lincoln City, Oregon, United States.

13. Someone found this old item while metal detecting. The property, incidentally, used to be a farm in the 1800's-1900’s.

Mysterious Objects, metal detecting
Image credit: Izismile 
Answer: It's just an old drain cover. 

14. This was found at a beach. It’s empty and lightweight but quite solid. It also has a hole at each side.

Mysterious Objects, beach
Image credit: Boogg1e/ reddit
Answer: It’s a type of bead that is commonly found in Central Asia.
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