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Don’t Know What You’re Looking At? Ask Online!

The internet can be a wonderful tool. It can allow you to reconnect with old friends, order just about anything right to your doorstep, and use other people’s expert knowledge to educate yourself. These people encountered all sorts of bizarre and inexplicable things and turned to the internet for answers, and what they found out will blow your mind.
1. Q: Found on a beach in Washington State. What is this thing?
Mysterious objects: squid eggsSource: Reddit
A: Those are squid eggs.
2. Q: What is this strange cylindrical concrete structure in the middle of the forest?
Mysterious objects: bomb shelterSource: Reddit
A: A WWII-era one-person bomb shelter.
3. Q: Found in Texas, thought it might be a house cat, but it kind of looks weird.
Mysterious objects: black bobcatSource: Reddit
A: Good thing they didn’t go any nearer. This is an extremely rare melanistic bobcat.
4. Q: These mirrors are on the windows of nearly every house in this town in Sweden. What purpose do they serve?
Mysterious objects: gossip mirrorSource: Reddit
A: These are skvallerspegel, or “gossip mirrors”, a contraption that allows you to spy on what’s going on in the street from the comfort of your living room.
5. Q: Friend’s neighbor has this in their yard. Halloween decoration?
Mysterious objects: Voodoo shrineSource: Reddit
A: Despite the Buddha head, this appears to be a Caribbean Voodoo shrine. Judging by the scary white mask, it’s possibly dedicated to a Ghede Loa, a spirit of death.
6. Q: Saw this strangely covered car with cloth on the lights. Poor taste, or something else?
Mysterious objects: new car disguiseSource: Reddit
A: Car manufacturers cover new cars this way when they take them out for test drives in order to prevent corporate espionage and leaks. The dots, with their illusory 3D pattern, mask the car’s actual design.
7. Q: This little thing crossed the street and drove off. What is it?
Mysterious objects: delivery robotSource: Reddit
A: The future is here! This is an automated delivery robot, possibly for food.
8. Q: Found this at the beach, what is it?
Mysterious objects: megalodon shark toothSource: Reddit
A: That’s an extremely lucky find. This is the tooth of a megalodon, an extinct shark that is thought to have resembled the great white shark, except far bigger, reaching an average length of 34 feet from nose to tail.
9. Q: The cleaner found it and gave me this, very discreetly and with a worried look on her face. Any idea?
Mysterious objects: secret recorderSource: Reddit
A: This is where things take a very grim turn. This is a recording device. Apparently planted by this woman’s crazy boyfriend to spy on her. Luckily, this story has a happy ending, as she dropped this creep like a bad habit.
10. Q: Strange urinal thingy in a German brewery. What is it?
Mysterious objects: vomit toiletSource: Reddit
A: This is a Pabst (German for “Pope”), a sink specifically designed for puking. The name comes from old-time Protestant college fraternities in Germany.
11. Q: What’s the deal with this kettle's strange shape?
Mysterious objects: urinalSource: Reddit
A: We seriously hope this person didn’t brew any tea in this. This is a portable urinal for bedridden men.
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