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Bring Nature to Your Home With These Furniture Pieces

 Choosing the right furniture for your home can often be tricky. But once you get the right ones, they can add a lot of vibrancy and color to your personal spaces. While there is no shortage of unique furniture designs out there, to get the one that can provide an ambiance of nature and also stand out royally will be quite something, right? Well, we have collected some unusual furniture designs that are especially catered for nature lovers.

From pillows that look like pebbles to chairs that are inspired by a scorpion, these are some rare finds that will make you feel like nature is right inside your home. Check them out.

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1. A lamp that has been shaped as flying birds.

Furniture Designs, flying birds.

2. These woolen pillows have been made to look like pebbles. Wouldn't it be cool to have these by your bedside? 

Furniture Designs, pillows

3. A honeycomb table made for those who love bees...And honey! 

Furniture Designs, honeycomb table

4. A super cool table that also functions as a planter and a lamp. 

Furniture Designs,

5. A cute and tiny stool with bird legs.

Furniture Designs,  stool
Image source: ViddyDoodah / Reddit

6. Here's a table which will let you view the wonders of Mariana Trench - the deepest oceanic trench on Earth - right from your drawing-room.

Furniture Designs, ocean

Image source: kochut_wood / Instagram

7. Do you love peacocks? This chair depicts the beautiful bird's tail and posture quite aesthetically. 

Furniture Designs, peacocks

8. These pendant lights resemble the natural moonlight. Now imagine putting them on in your home at night...

Furniture Designs, pendant lights

9. Vivid colors and patterns of the deep woods are displayed beautifully on this small table. 

Furniture Designs, small table

10. A coffee table that has brilliantly replicated ivy leaves. Look closely and you will even find the detailed leaf fibers intricately designed in it.

Furniture Designs, coffee table

11. This chair’s design has been inspired by a scorpion! Looks so regal, doesn't it? 

Furniture Designs, scorpion

12. Vases portraying the delicate flow of a water droplet.

Furniture Designs, Vases

13. The movement of beetle wings has been represented beautifully in this garden coffee table.

Furniture Designs, garden table.
Image source: Radhika D / Instagram
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