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These Cool DIY Upgrades Bring New Life to Ordinary Items

 Is that ancient and withering table in your house bothering you? Do you feel like redecorating your kitchen but feel it will be too expensive? Or maybe you are bored with your work desk and are looking for professionals to upgrade it? Well, you would be surprised to know that at times even the common men and women can breathe a fresh lease of life into the most ordinary things with their ingenious ideas. In fact, many people completely transform common objects around their house by thinking a little out of the box.
Here, we will present to you some super cool and creative DIY design upgrades that transformed common things into something beautiful. Take a look. You may find inspiration in some of these upgrades!

1. A table that was designed from bottle caps that were collected for 5 years!

Inventive Upgrades, bottle caps

2.  A glow-in-the-dark "galaxy" made on a resin kitchen floor.

Inventive Upgrades, resin kitchen floor

3. This work desk is actually made from the body of a real Tesla car. Who would ever get bored while working on this desk?

Inventive Upgrades,  work desk

4. A father created a tiny and cute bunk bed for his son to keep his glasses. 

Inventive Upgrades, bunk bed

5. This family had a small house. So they made this loft of a bed with the kennel for their dog right below it.

Inventive Upgrades, kennel

6. A teacher got this handmade stool as a present. 

Inventive Upgrades,  stool

7. These are some really cool 3D printed speakers!

Inventive Upgrades, 3D printed speakers

8. A van’s interiors were completely redesigned after 8 months of hard work.

Inventive Upgrades,  van’s interiors

9. This cool grandpa made an awesome cradle for his grandson.

Inventive Upgrades, grandpa

10. This is one hat we’d all love to wear during the summer months. It contains a solar panel and a small fan.

Inventive Upgrades, hat

11. A dying leaf was given a fresh look after someone painted some starscapes on it.

Inventive Upgrades, leaf , paint

12. Now that’s cute! A tiny picnic table for guinea pigs. 

Inventive Upgrades, picnic table for guinea pigs.

13. An elegant shelf made from a piano.

Inventive Upgrades, shelf

14. WOW! A hand-carved wooden ring. 

Inventive Upgrades, wooden ring

15. Now that's something you don't see every day. This is a tie clip that has been upgraded with a functioning thermometer.

Inventive Upgrades, tie clip

16. An amazingly hyper-realistic bridge diorama.

Inventive Upgrades, bridge diorama
Images source: The Chive

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