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What 16 Different Countries Consider Comfort Food

 Every country has its own guilty pleasure when it comes to food. You know, the food that brightens your day, the food from your childhood that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or to put it simply - comfort food. Here we have collected a multitude of finger-licking indulgent dishes from every corner of the planet, all of which are widely considered to be comfort foods. It’s absolutely fascinating to see what foods people in different countries crave and indulge in, and we certainly think that all 16 of these foods are worth experiencing first-hand if you have the chance! After all, we could all use some scrumptious and comforting foods these days...

1. France - French Onion Soup

comfort foods France: Onion Soup
There are so many deliciously indulgent French recipes we could name, but probably the best representative is the French Onion Soup - a warm, cheesy, and yet crispy treat that is the epitome of what comfort food represents. If you'd like to try preparing this delicious soup yourself, you can, just follow the link for a recipe: French Onion Soup Recipe.

2. Japan - Okonomiyaki

comfort foods Japan - Okonomiyaki
While most people would likely think that ramen is the best representative of Japanese comfort food, we decided to go with a dish that's less well-known abroad but is a true contemporary Japanese comfort food nevertheless. Okonomiyaki is a pancake made of a simple batter, cabbage, and slices of pork belly topped generously with the sweet Okonomiyaki sauce (a mix of ketchup, Worcestershire and soy sauce) and Japanese mayo. Unlike ramen, it's also super quick and easy to make, which certainly adds to its charm.

3. Russia - Blini s Tvorogom

comfort foods Russia - Blini s Tvorogom
Blini are essentially the Russian version of crepes, and like crepes, they come with a variety of delicious fillings, both sweet and savory. However, unlike in France, where crepes have become a variety of street food, blini remain a homemade dish, enjoyed with tea in a family setting. Comforting and sweet, the most iconic and indulgent filling is made of sweetened cottage cheese, often topped with jam.

4. India - Malai Kofta

comfort foods India - Malai Kofta
One of our favorite Indian comfort foods is the Malai Kofta, a popular restaurant dish served worldwide that originated from the North Indian Mughlai cuisine. There are different variations of this soul-soothing recipe, but the basis of the dish are ball-shaped koftas made of paneer (a soy-based cheese), potatoes, nuts, and dried fruits dunked in a thick and creamy sauce. The restaurant version of the dish is vegetarian, although the original recipe calls for ground meat to make the koftas.

5. Morocco - Shakshuka

comfort foods Morocco - Shakshuka
This comfort food hails from Moroccan cuisine, although it's immensely popular worldwide today, especially in the Middle East, as it's both very satisfying, easy-to-make, and healthy. The dish is an egg-based stew in a tomato and pepper sauce enriched by spices like paprika and cumin. For an easy recipe of shakshuka and 2 other delicious egg breakfasts, click on the link, Waking Up Sunny Side Up.

6. The UK - Fish and Chips

comfort foods The UK - Fish and Chips
For some strange and very unfortunate reason, anything fried is automatically satisfying, especially when dipped in a creamy sauce. Fish and Chips - the epitome of British fast food - encompasses people's love of fried food in a heavenly and yet simple combination. Though we're sure most of you have tried this dish already, it's definitely worth the extra reminder.

7. Indonesia - Mee Goreng

comfort foods Indonesia: Mee Goreng
Image Source: Alpha/ Flickr
This spicy dish made of yellow wheat noodles, vegetables, herbs, and some sort of meat or seafood is the Indonesian one-dish meal favorite and it's commonly available at street food stalls across Indonesia, but also in Brunei, Singapore, and Malaysia. 

8. The US - Grilled Cheese Sandwich

comfort foods The US - Grilled Cheese Sandwich
An undeniable feature of many comfort foods is the quickness of preparation, and when it comes to that, nothing beats the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, as simple as that. Crispy, cheesy, and packed full of carbs, the instant satisfaction this American staple food brings is simply unsurpassable. For a handy grilled cheese sandwich trick, click on How to Take Grilled Cheese to the Next Level!

9. Italy - Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

comfort foods italy Spaghetti Alla Carbonara
This comfort food hailing from Italy, and namely from the Lazio region of the country, has taken over the world completely, and it's easy to say why. The decadent meal is quick to make, and it includes everyone's favorite ingredients - pasta, a creamy sauce, bacon, and a generous topping of Parmesan cheese. 

10. Hungary - Paprikas Csirke

comfort foods Hungary - Paprikash Csirke
Image Source:   Kobako/ Wikimedia Commons
Paprikas Csirke, also known as Chicken Paprikash, is a traditional Hungarian dish that features chicken thighs or pieces of chicken cooked in a rich, creamy sauce made from sour cream and tons of sweet paprika - hence, the name. Paprikash can be served with a variety of side dishes ranging from pasta to rice, to dumplings or even mashed potatoes. If you'd like to try this quite easy chicken dish at home, follow this link for a detailed recipe.

11. Canada - Poutine

comfort foods Canada - Poutine
Image Source: Guilhem Vellut/ Flickr
Everyone knows that poutine is a Canadian specialty, but many don't actually know what it is, how it looks like, or how to pronounce it. Poutine, pronounced as 'poo-TEEN' is a portion of crispy fries topped with pieces of cheese curds and covered in gravy, and it's a very convenient on-the-go snack that originated in Montreal, but it soon became a Canadian staple. The particular version of the dish you see in the image above is also topped with some bacon, because why not?

12. The Philippines - Kare-kare

comfort foods The Philippines - Kare-kare
Kare-kare is a must-have feature of any Filipino fiesta, and the dish is hundreds of years old. Unlike most dishes from the Philippines, that tend to be spicy, kare-kare is a mild stew made with a rich and savory peanut sauce. Various ingredients can go into the dish, such as vegetables, seafood, or animal byproducts such as oxtail, calves' and pigs' feet. Ground rice is also often added to the stew to add extra thickness to the sauce.

13. Sweden - Meatballs

comfort foods Sweden: Meatballs
Traditionally, meatballs are a holiday food in the country of their origin, but many restaurants in Sweden do serve them for tourists to enjoy, and one can easily buy them in supermarkets around the world. Together with a buttery rich gravy and some pasta, they make up one of the most indulgent food experiences one can have - enough to weather the cold Swedish winter. 

14. Australia - Lamingtons

comfort foods Australia: Lamingtons
Image Source:     Zeitgeistlondon/ Wikimedia Commons
Marmite-covered bread doesn't quite count as a dish, we thought, and so we decided to introduce you to another, significantly more indulgent Australian alternative - the Lamington. This is an easy-to-make Australian cake made from squares of sponge cake cut into cubes, coated in a chocolate sauce, and rolled in coconut flakes. Some recipes even include a layer of strawberry jam or whipped cream in the middle of the cake, making it even more appealing to the taste buds. 

15. Poland - Pierogi

comfort foods Poland - Pierogi
These Polish dumplings are truly sensational, especially when served roasted on a frying pan, so if you have access to them or you want to visit Poland sometime soon, you must try them. Pierogi come with a variety of fillings, with the most popular being mashed potatoes, cabbage, meat, cottage cheese (both sweet and savory), or cherries, so you can have pierogi both for dinner and dessert!

16. Mexico - Pozole

comfort foods Mexico: Pozole
Let's wrap up this list with a very unusual soup, and probably the healthiest one on the list - the Mexican Pozole. It is a traditional celebratory dish in Mexico and a must-have feature on every holiday table in Mexico, no wonder many people consider it a comfort food. The soup is made of hominy (ground up corn), as well as meat, and other ingredients. The most interesting feature of this soup is that it's topped with fresh shredded salad on top - lettuce, cabbage, chiles, onions, radishes, and even avocados can serve as toppings. 
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