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12 Artisan Pieces That Hold an Entire Fantasy World Within

 We’re about to show you some extraordinary artisan creations - little dainty things that hold an entire fantasy world inside them. These delicate creations tell an entire story, depicting a brightly colored and beautiful landscape in a miniature wearable format. The artworks come in different formats, such as rings, figurines, or pendants, and they are made from a combination of different materials: wood, mother of pearl and epoxy resin.
All of these fascinating art pieces are created by a small Moscow-based workshop called Maple Fox,  owned by a gifted couple - Maxim and Diana, who come up with all the ideas and realize them in the form of delightful decor and jewelry like the 12 we’re about to showcase. To view more of their work, you can visit their Instagram and Vk.com Page.
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