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14 Animal Sculptures from Around the World

The artistic world is full of impressive sculptures of human figures, but there are artists who decided to put the human figure aside for a moment and focus instead on the creatures that surround it - the wonderful and wild animals, which provided them with inspiration for some of the most impressive and famous sculptures in the world. So, so that you can witness these wonderful creations, we have collected for you 14 special, familiar, surprising and sometimes charming animal sculptures, and the story behind them...

1. "The Last Three" - Astor Place, NYC

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: פסל הקרנפים באסטור פלייס, ארה"ב
The USA is home to many iconic animal sculptures, some of which you will see later, but we chose to start with the huge rhino sculptures that are located in Manhattan and rise to a height of more than 5 meters, which makes them very prominent in the New York landscape. The purpose of the rhino sculpture was to raise Awareness in the heart of this urban metropolis regarding the plight of the "white rhinoceros", which is in danger of extinction and to encourage the preservation of its species.

2. "The Kelpies" - Falkirk, Scotland

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: הקלפיז, פאלקירק סקוטלנד
The "The Kelpies" sculpture, in the form of two huge horse heads, is undoubtedly one, or rather two, of the largest and most spectacular sculptures in the world. Made from a combination of iron and around 1,000 laser-cut stainless steel plates, these impressive sculptures represent the Scots' reverence for the workhorses that served Scottish transport and industry during the 19th century.

3. "In Honor of Slaughtered Animals"

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: פסל החיות לשחיטה, ורשה, פולין
In the 13th century, a phenomenon prevailed in the streets of the city of Warsaw, Poland, where a union of butchers used to slaughter farm animals in the streets in full view, with the aim of convincing the locals to consume meat so that they could make a living. In the 18th century, the municipality of Warsaw decided to make amends and remove this phenomenon from its streets by moving all the farms and butchers out of the city. In the city of Warsaw, the capital of Poland, they decided to place statues in the figures of the country's most prominent farm animals, as a tribute to the animals that were slaughtered on the streets of Warsaw.

4. "Nandi Bull" - Mysuru, India

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: הפר במקדשו של נאנדי, מיסורו, הודו
As many of you probably know, in India the cow is considered a distinct symbol of sanctity and its protection is enshrined in the country's federal constitution. The figure of the cow adorns many symbols and serves as an inspiration for impressive sculptures. The bull statue you see in the picture is made of black granite stone and is decorated with colorful beads and tassels designed to enhance its sanctity. The statue is located near a Hindu temple dedicated to one of the revered guardians in Indian mythology named Nandi.

5. "The Lion Statues" at Nelson's Column - London, UK

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: פסל של אריה בכיכר טרפלגר
The famous and iconic lion sculptures in central London's Trafalgar Square are undoubtedly among the most impressive street works in the British Isles. In the center of the square, near the monument "Nelson's Column", on which stands the statue of Lord Admiral Horace Nelson, who was the commander of the British fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar, stands the four lions. They are made of bronze and are intended to be used as "gatekeepers" for his statue and they look out all over the square.

6. "Transcendence" aka "Salmon Street Springs Fountain" - Portland, Oregon, USA

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: פסל של דג סלמון ברחובות אורגון
In the heart of the city of Portland in the state of Oregon, right on the corner of "Salmon" street, the American artist Keith Jellum decided to place a large sculpture of a salmon fish made of bronze, at a height of about 3.4 meters above the front door of a local fish restaurant. This amusing sculpture, which depicts a salmon fish penetrating the bricks of the building on which it stands, has become a prominent landmark in the city and is certainly not something you would expect to see coming out of a building in such a way...
7. "Hippo Statues" of Muzha Zoo - Taipei Zoo, Taiwan
פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: כיכר ההיפופוטמים בגן החיות בטאיפיי
The sprawling zoo in the city of Taipei covers an area of ​​more than 1.5 million square meters and is considered one of the largest in the Asian continent. Along with the impressive animals that it treasures within its wide enclosures, it is also home to some charming sculptures, some of which can be found in "Hippo Square" " in which are scattered about 25 figures of hippopotamuses that partially "float" on the surface of the ground.

8. The Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: הספינקס הגדול של גיזה
Near the famous pyramids in Giza in Egypt, there is one of the oldest and largest rock-hewn structures on earth. The Sphinx is an oversized sculpture of a hybrid creature built from the body of a lion and the head of a human. Despite being a well-known sculpture and a famous tourist site, there is a great mystery surrounding it and to this day it is not clear who the person was who was the model for the figure carved in the rock, when exactly it was built, for what purpose, by whom and what is the source of the legends about this creature...

9. "The Mustangs of Las Colinas" - Texas, USA

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: סוסי מוסטנג בכיכר וויליאמס, טקסס
Williams Square in the state of Texas is decorated with 9 mustang horse statues that were designed and sculpted by an artist named Robert Glen and have a symbolic meaning linked to the state's residents. The mustang is a type of wild horse that lives in the western United States, which, throughout history, was very close to the human environment in Texas and became a real symbol in the eyes of the locals, who see it as representing the "wild west" life that was prevalent in the area during the pioneer era.

10. Leonardo's Horse, Milan, Italy

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: פסל הסוס של לאונרדו
Leonardo da Vinci once planned to erect a large bronze horse statue in the heart of Milan, Italy. Unfortunately, his plan was thwarted when French soldiers, led by Louis XII, destroyed the clay model he had created. Centuries later, an enthusiastic admirer of da Vinci attempted to revive the project but passed away before it could be completed. An American artist named Nina Akamu up the mantle and ultimately fulfilled da Vinci's dream by finishing the project. This was one of the ten projects that Leonardo had in mind.

11. Balto, NYC, United States

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: פסל של הכלב בלטו
The statue in the photograph has a fascinating tale of commitment and selflessness attached to it. In 1925, Nome, a city in Alaska, USA, was hit by an outbreak of diphtheria, and a cure was only available in a city over 1,600 meters away. At that time, dog sled teams were the only quick transport option between the cities. Gunnar Kasser, a Norwegian sled rider, was entrusted with the task of delivering the medicine. His sled was led by a courageous dog named Balto, who saved Kasser and the other sled dogs from dying many times during the long journey. When they reached their destination, Balto's image became a symbol of hope and inspired the sculpture depicted in the picture.

12. Jumbo the Elephant, Ontario, Canada

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: פסל של ג'מבו הפיל באונטריו, קנדה
Jumbo, a large elephant, was born in Sudan before being taken to France and eventually ending up at the London Zoo in the United Kingdom. He became well-known for his size and friendly demeanor, allowing visitors to interact with him and even ride on his back. In 1882, Jumbo was brought to the United States where he became a popular attraction in various circuses. Unfortunately, he met a tragic end when he was hit by a train in Ontario, Canada. His sad story will be remembered as long as his statue stands.

13. "The Charging Bull", NYC, United States

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: פסל השור המסתער בניו יורק, ארה"ב
Arturo di Modica, a Sicilian-born artist and sculptor who studied in Florence, Italy, created the "Charging Bull" sculpture, which is one of the most famous animal sculptures worldwide and a major tourist attraction located in the financial district of Manhattan. The statue's creator gained immense fame in New York City, and his most significant work is the sculpture in question.

14. "Tombili", Istanbul, Turkey

פסלי חיות מפורסמים מסביב לעולם: החתולה טומבילי
This sculpture was inspired by a cute kitten who became famous after a photo of her leaning in a human-like manner on a sidewalk in Istanbul went viral on social media. The feline gained such popularity that after her death in August 2016, a petition with approximately 17,000 signatures was submitted to commemorate her. A local artist responded to the demand by sculpting the cat in her familiar pose and placing it on a street in the city. 

Photo sources:Shinya SuzukiBninjam200, Mik AyreFlorinuxPatche99z, Mister No, Tom Fassbender, Einar Einarsson Kvaran, AndrewHenkelman, Nevit

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