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What Foods You Should or Shouldn't Eat

 You are what you eat. There's a reason that saying is an old classic. Studies today show that our microbiome, or in other words the bacteria that make up about half our body - influences us much more than do our genes. They have a lot to say about whether we get sick, how we feel and develop, how much risk we have of age-related diseases and even our daily mood. Most of these come from the foods we eat.
Besides, these foods build our bodies, and the wrong foods can create the wrong body for us. Below you'll find some of our best posts about the wrong and the right foods for you, do some homework and maybe you'll discover some combinations you can hope to adopt or stop using.
You are what you eat, but as it turns out, there is a larger similarity between the human body and food than we initially thought. We found 10 foods that look a lot like the body part they actually help. A coincidence? Maybe, but it doesn't take away from this handy advice!
It's pretty much impossible to eat healthy all the time, but we usually try our best to provide our bodies with food that will benefit it. However, as it turns out, there are a number of foods that are portrayed as being healthy but are actually not. Here are 9 foods that masquerade as the "good guys."

The infographic below delves into what superfoods might help rejuvenate hair, nails, teeth, and skin, and includes some delicious items such as strawberries, cashews, and cheese.

There are many different causes of food poisoning, such as bacteria, toxins, and chemicals, However, some foods have a higher possibility of making you sick than others. Read on to learn which foods are more likely to give you food poisoning, along with some tips on how best to limit your risk.
Diets and food plans can be hard to stick to, and will not necessarily result in any long-term success. The inevitable byproduct of these failures is feeling disheartened or discouraged, but healthy eating doesn’t need to be this way. Here are the 10 healthiest eating habits you can adopt (and stick to).
You are about to learn about 10 food combinations that create strong interactions between the anti-inflammatory components and other vital components that lead to rapid improvement in inflammation!
Learn about AGEs and what foods contain them in this article. Finally, try these healthy replacements and regain control over your skin’s vibrant and vivacious look.
When it comes to some of these foods, most of which are nuts, fruit and vegetables that are largely considered healthy, simply eating them incorrectly can prove to be devastating to your health.
We often say we’re “addicted” to the food we love and crave the most, and for some reason, this food is never carrots or broccoli, but some version of fast food, like pizza or french fries. Let’s find out which foods are the most and least addictive, as well as the science behind it, in this article.
Contrary to the popular belief stating that cooking destroys vitamins and other nutrients, it turns out that the amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and even cancer-fighting compounds peak when you cook certain vegetables the right way. All 10 of the following veggies, for example, will only benefit from a little heat.
In this article, we’ll list 14 nutritious foods you can eat as much as you want without feeling guilty or afraid that you’ll gain weight, and some of these will surely surprise you.
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