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A Collection of 12 Artisanal Cake Posts

Regular cakes are easy to make. But cakes of the likes you will find in these 12 posts below take a highly creative mind coupled with extraordinary skill in the art of cake making. From cakes that look like exact copies of real objects to cakes that build upon fantasy to create visages so beautiful, you'd hate to eat them! Enjoy these gorgeous photos of the most remarkable cakes.
The Threadcakes online cake competition showcased some of the most unbelievable creations of cake art I've ever had the fortune to see. According to the rules of the contest, each cake must be as edible as possible, allowing minimal use of non-edible materials for the 3D cakes.
We've seen some terrific cake art before. But it seems people are just getting better and better at it, with more and more creative ideas popping up. In this amazing cake art series, you'll find everything from castles to books, real looking lunches made of nothing but sugar, and even a giant oreo! 
 When you have a good baker, cakes are as beautiful as they are delicious. When you have a baker who is also an artist, however, the cakes may look something like this.
Cakes are so fiendishly tempting that now they are trying to lure us in by pretending to be anything but cakes! Watch out for these beautiful and tasty works of art.

20 Spring Themed Cakes

To celebrate the Spring, bakers and pastry chefs across the world have been busy giving birth to their own little beauteous creations, with more than a look of springtime about them. Here are 20 spring-themed cakes that are so lovely we don’t know whether we want to eat them or spend an hour gazing at them.
If you want to see amazing mirror cakes, look no further than the kitchen of Russian confectioner Olga Noskovaa's! Her cakes, arguably, have more visual appeal than anyone else's in the world. Take a look at these stunning images to see what this talented confectioner is capable of.
Juliana Tar, a Berlin-based chef, creates stunning and unique cakes, using only raw, vegan ingredients. The detail on each cake is so intricate that it’s hard to believe they’re edible! Check out some of her best designs below.

Beautiful Flower Cakes

Created by Jakarta-based pastry chef Iven Kawi, these succulent-inspired cakes feature flora sculpted with frosting made from powdered sugar, butter, and food coloring. Her work is absolutely stunning and lifelike, see for yourself! 
It takes a very special kind of talent to create a tasty treat that can fool people into thinking that it's not a cake at all and actually something quite different. Below, you'll find 15 stunning examples of such illusion cakes, including cakes that look exactly like chess boards, hamburgers, and even an entire rack of glazed ribs.
Lauren Ko, a Seattle-based pastry chef keeps on wowing the world time and again with her magical pie designs.
Siew Boon first discovered 3D jelly cakes a couple of years ago. Fascinated by this art, she took a course on it run by a famous 3D jelly art teacher. Each piece can take up to 4 hours to complete. The designs are injected into a clear jelly canvas petal by petal and made upside-down. 
Elena Gnut is a truly remarkable pastry chef. She hails from Kaliningrad in Russia and has over 140,000 followers on her Instagram account. There's a reason why she's built up such a following, and that's because she makes some of the most jaw-dropping beautiful cakes I've ever seen. Take a look for yourself.
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