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Greatest Inventions and Science Discoveries - a Collection

 Ingenuity is the character trait that has given power to human progress since the dawn of time. Thankfully, we humans have plenty of that stuff, and we keep making things once thought unachievable a reality. Just think about it, in only a few centuries, we’ve accomplished so much: diseases that once plagued us are now nearly extinct, humans routinely travel through the air and have the knowledge of an entire civilization at the tips of their fingers. But how did it all happen? What are the greatest achievements of humanity? This collection sheds light on all of these fun questions, and more.
Where would we be without our cars? Wouldn't it be a lot harder to travel from one country to another if airplanes hadn't been invented? How would we communicate with one another without our mobile phones? And could you imagine your life without the internet? These 12 inventors changed the way we go about our daily lives - from our day to day routines, to entertainment, to safety. Since the late 1800s, we sure have come a long way. 
When I hear the name Leonardo Da Vinci, my first associations are of his incredible works of art, such as the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper. Da Vinci, however, was a man of many talents and not only a painter – he was also a prolific inventor who came up with concepts that were so advanced, they could only have been realized in later times. 
Here are 20 amazing inventions, conceived by the greatest minds in history, that we have completely lost. Either the prototype or the plans (or both) have vanished, and all we have left is the initial idea of the invention, the purpose for which it was conceived. These inventions will make you laud the human genius that came up with them, and wail the loss that we have suffered. 
The next decade or so promises to be an exciting time for science and innovative technology. Ideas that were once the preserve of imaginative science fiction writers are moving closer to becoming reality, and if you thought the advancements made over the last couple of decades were impressive, they are likely to be put firmly into the shade by upcoming innovations. Here are ten incredible technological improvements we can expect to see in upcoming years, many of which are already at a very well developed stage of planning.
When we think of inventions we usually have an idea of a mad scientist in a lonely laboratory, making good use of his Faustian pact to bring to birth some utterly brilliant design. Yet, the single most important inventions of all time came about through a much slower and communal process. The following 10 inventions are among the principal achievements of humanity that changed the way we live our lives forever.
Curious to see what the future will bring to the world? Well, you won't have to wait much longer, since as the 16 fascinating videos inside will show you, the future is already with us! From vending machines that dispense cars to mind-reading sleep devices, these complex inventions will blow any tech-enthusiast away!
Since its founding, nearly six decades ago, NASA’s primary charter has been “to provide for research into problems of flight within and outside the Earth’s atmosphere and for other purposes.”  As a result of this noble cause, many new scientific discoveries, patents, and spinoff technologies have been created. The following space-age tech inventions and technologies that we use every day are some great examples.

Along with a little help from the Internet, we’re beginning to see that the most famous inventors of all time, some credited with inventing major products such as the lightbulb and the radio, merely stole their ideas from other people. Inside you will find 12 billion-dollar ideas that were definitely not original. Take a look!

Some inventions changed the world, and the eight you can read about below are no exception. In fact, one wonders what the world was like before these things were invented! What's rather odd is that the men who actually invented these things are almost entirely unknown. Here are 8 little known inventors that changed the world.
In 2018, too many scientists and researchers worked hard to reveal new discoveries in a variety of fields, from innovative solutions and treatments to common and deadly diseases to archaeological discoveries, space discoveries, and unusual scandals; You are invited to hear and learn about 12 groundbreaking scientific discoveries that have taken place this year which can certainly affect our lives in the near future.

It is quite sobering to realize that some of the greatest modern inventions we depend on an everyday basis were a complete (or partial) fluke. For example, if it weren’t for the mold in Alexander Fleming’s office, we would possibly never have antibiotics. Still, we’re not sure there is such a thing as a complete coincidence, as it takes quite a lot of observation, vision and hard work to see the potential in these half-baked inventions. Let’s celebrate this spirit of discovery by looking at some of the greatest and most fun accidental scientific innovations in history.

It's easy to forget or to simply disregard the technological achievements of humankind through the ages, but the devices we use on an everyday basis are all reminders of how far we've gone as a civilization. Let's look at the prototypes of 11 popular devices and compare them to their modern "descendants", you'll be amazed to see the difference.
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