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11 Nature Photography Posts

 I'm a sucker for beautiful images, especially when it comes to taking photos of our gorgeous nature, with its wonderful wildlife and luxurious landscapes. The real jewels are the stars above and the flowers below, that's what I think. I try to spend at least a bit of my day looking at something beautiful. Beauty should always be a part of our day. Below are 11 stunning nature photography posts, each full of beauty. We hope you enjoy them.
Each new day is a miracle and each new day brings new beauty to our world. If you ask me, the most relaxing and beautiful time of the day is when the sun first starts to send its rays across the world. Take some time to enjoy the simple and breathtaking beauty of something as simple as a sunrise. You might even feel like getting up early just to see it for yourself!
We all enjoy nature and nature photography, and luckily for us, there are plenty of people who travel the world and capture the most captivating moments and places with their cameras. Below are 18 of the most beautiful photos taken in 2015, all shot by amateur and professional photographers, making this the best collection of natural photos of the year.
After showing you some of the most colorful animals in nature, I've come to realize that nature contains a lot more than beautiful creatures. In fact, our entire planet is permeated with color. Its diversity is what makes it so special - countless landscapes, a myriad of different places, and a kaleidoscope of color. Join me on a tour of some of the most colorful places on earth.
Water is the most fundamental element in the world, without it, life would have neither been created nor would it be sustained. It comes from the rain and travels all the way to the ocean thanks to the natural, most phenomenal vessels our planet has to offer - rivers. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, but to me, they attract life, as well as a lot of tourists, because of their timeless beauty. Here are 15 rivers that are most worthy of a visit.
Earth is an amazing place and, apart from the sights we can see from space, everything beautiful, rare, or charming we can see can be found here, on the (relatively) small blue ball in which we live. From the national parks in the United States, through the enchanting sights of the frozen north to first light in New Zealand - these are some of the most beautiful sights that make our world a unique place!
We invite you to check out 18 pictures that will expose you to the wild and beautiful nature of the United States, which will undoubtedly change everything you once thought you knew about this huge country. 
Both professional and amateur artists go out to nature every day to capture its beauty with canvas and paint, and the works are almost as amazing as nature itself. However, artists don’t always remain true to reality, sometimes polishing nature a little to make it look more impressive and colorful. The next 17 pictures, however, don’t need an artist's touch, and although you might mistake it for painting, these pictures depict nature itself in all its splendor.
There are so many beautiful sights to see on this beautiful piece of rock we call home. A little paradise that floats in the black of space like a gem. As we near it, we start to see that jewel is many-faceted, with so many different kinds of places, from mountain peaks to ocean depths, Earth is an incredible place. These 16 photos take us to the heart of natural beauty, click on them to see them in full glory.
It’s difficult to say why we’re so in awe of waterfalls. Is it their magnitude and unchallenged power that attracts us so much? Or is it the natural lush vitality of the surroundings that catches our eye? Likely, it’s both, and it’s certain that a waterfall is the very representation of the power of nature and a picture of all its beauty and abundance. Dazzling, astonishing and powerful are all 15 of these waterfalls, and if you happen to visit any of these countries, we wholeheartedly recommend you see them live.
When counting the continents, it’s almost too easy to overlook that thin, white stripe at the bottom of our maps, after all, the South Pole is such a wasteland that even Santa opted for its northern counterpart. But Antarctica is enormous in scale, beautiful like no other place on earth and wild beyond your imagination. Travel with us to the breathtaking icy reaches of Antarctica.
If you’re craving to add a few more must-see tourist destinations to your bucket list, get your pen and paper ready because we have a whole list of breathtaking places of natural beauty, most of which stray away from the beaten tourist track. Caves, glaciers, forests and numerous other beautiful destinations await your attention, and even if you don’t end up traveling to any of these picturesque destinations, we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading about them and seeing stunning images featuring each of these 15 wonders of nature.
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