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A Stunning Bird Photography Collection

 Observing birds, in general, is such a delight. Their colorful plumage, their beautiful songs and acrobatic feats all grab our attention like nothing else. And, of course, few things can compare with the grace and beauty of a bird spreading its wings and lifting off into the sky. Alas, most of us sadly don’t have the luxury of observing these fascinating creatures, so let’s enjoy the next best thing to observing birds live - bird photography. In this collection, we’ve compiled the very best bird photos we could find on our site, simply click on one of the articles on this list and you’ll be taken to a photo gallery of dazzling birds.
We're used to thinking of the birds we see every day - small, bread-crumb-stealing little birdies that fly about in droves or chirp at us from the top of the trees. But some birds are larger, meaner and stronger than the ones we see flying about. These are the birds of prey - the large, predatory animals with wings that dominate the skies and are the scourge of both flying and land-bound animals,  that fear that long shadow looming above them.
There are estimated to be 10,000 species of birds in the world and nature has blessed some with the most incredible, colorful plumage. From bright blues to radiant reds and gorgeous greens, it is hard to believe that these colorful birds are real and not the invention of a fine painter. So enjoy our photos of the most beautiful birds in the world and don't forget to leave us a comment telling us which is your favorite.
Audobon is a magazine published by the National Audobon Society of the United States. Set up in 1905, Audobon is dedicated to bird and wildlife conservation at large, as well as the conservation of the ecosystems that support those life forms. To celebrate the beauty of the be-winged creatures of this world, the magazine holds annual Photography Awards. Here are the winners, both professional and amateur, as selected by the appointed jury.
No matter if you are a bird lover or not, you cannot deny their colorfulness, their beauty, or the mystery they present as they fly high above us in the skies. Enjoy this wonderful photo series of more than 30 of the most gorgeous and colorful birds on Earth!

2017 Bird Photography Contest

Birds are secretive and mysterious, making them one of the hardest animals to photograph. As a result, the British Trust for Ornithology is taking the time to appreciate photographers from all over the world who have mastered the art of capturing the beauty of birds.
Nature does not stop surprising us as more and more species of different animals are discovered around the world. Among these are exotic and special birds that over the years have become a focus of interest for scientists, researchers, and bird watchers alike, thanks to the variety and unique appearance of these winged creatures.
People have always been jealous of birds flying in the sky or hopping from tree to tree, their shrill voices adding life and joy to every place while their colorful feathers decorate the world with rainbow colors. While we're used to seeing birds native to our area, we often aren’t aware of the plethora of magnificent birds to be found around the world.
Birds are a symbol of freedom. Because of their ability to fly they seem unreachable and mysterious. Thankfully, we can admire their beauty face to face, without scaring them off or causing them harm. Lisa, who goes by the name Ostdrossel on her social media, has always been fascinated by nature and birds and has now captured thousands of images of different gorgeous and colorful bird species, complete with funny expressions, majestic poses and at times, crazy behavior.
The Bird Photographer of the Year awards, or BPOTY for short, is the most prestigious bird photography competition in the world, which curates the very best pictures of birds taken every year and awards them under seven different categories: best portrait, birds in the environment, attention to detail, bird behavior, birds in flight, garden and urban birds, and creative imagery.
Every year, a panel of bird photography enthusiasts comes together to choose the winners of the prestigious Bird Photographer of the Year Awards, the problem being that there are just too many stunning pictures of these colorful birds to choose from, and only so many awards to give out. Here are some of the most incredible pictures that didn’t get the prize, but did get a nod from the judges, as well as some winners of the previous years.
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