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Beautiful and Weird Sea Creatures

 The sea is so full of life. Small wonder, as, according to scientists and biologists, all life began in the sea. The watery environment is perfect for gentler life forms to live in, and opens the way for some of the most bizarre and strange looking life as well. What kind of creatures live in the bottom of the ocean? In this collection, you'll find some of the most strange, beautiful and remarkable creatures under the waves.
The ocean is an amazing place full of many unusual forms of life. You won't believe the size of these 18 colossal sea creatures. Wait until you see what lurks beneath the ocean's surface.
These weird creatures are ancient and beautiful and can carry quite a poisonous punch. So let us examine what we know about jellyfish, while also seeing how beautiful and varied these creatures can be!
Land slugs and snails are dull affairs that leave little to be desired, but if you've ever been deep-sea diving you will know that the ocean’s versions are much more vibrant. Hidden beneath the sea are hundreds and thousands of colorful slugs, in bright hues that would make you think they’re from another planet. Many of these colorful creatures used to be snails that shed their shells and evolved into sublime sea slugs.
Seahorses and seadragons are weird creatures. With their unique shapes and colors, they are beautiful and graceful to look at. However, they aren't very good swimmers and they often die in storms. What's more bizarre is that their males carry the younglings, not the female. Let's take a look at some mesmerizing photographs of these spectacular creatures.

Bright and Beautiful Fish

Unless you are a deep-sea diver or a lucky snorkeler, you won't get to experience the majesty of many of the world's bright and beautiful fish outside of an aquarium. There are some incredibly colorful creatures lurking beneath the surface of the waters, and this stunning photo series celebrates the brilliance of them. It's hard to pick a favorite!
In this modern age, the enormous ocean still hides many fantastic secrets. Most of these surprises are biological in nature, turning out the most incredible, alien-looking and bizarre life forms, so different from our own, yet fascinating to see.
Visarute Angkatavanich is a 48-year-old Thai photographer who captures beautiful aquatic art portraying Siamese fighting fish (Betta Splendens) in a different way. His mesmerizing photography is captured against stark contrasts of white and black backgrounds. And, as you're about to see the effect created is truly magnificent, transforming the fish into magical creatures as though they are hovering in the air, instead of water. 
While we may be used to seeing land-roaming animals and birds flying in the sky, there's an entire world of creatures living and thriving below sea level. So far, what's known is that there are over 230,000 sea species, and we are sure that there are still a lot more out there. Each year, new species are discovered. Below, we take a look at 21 sea creatures with a distinctive color and with a body structure that makes them look like something from a cartoon or fantasy movie. 
We’ve already seen quite a few pictures of sea creatures that look just like aliens from other worlds, but not many photographers deal with the tiny creatures waiting in the depths, called plankton. Photographer Ryo Minemizu spends a lot of time in the waters of Osezaki in Japan photographing these tiny sea creatures together with a diving team, and you’ll now get the opportunity to see 18 of these creatures up close and personal!
Creative and talented photo series by Alexander Semenov, a Russian photographer, taken in the white sea. These gorgeous shots take us once again to that alien-like, silent place under the waves, to see things we've never seen before.
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