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18 Life-Changing Hotel and Packing Hacks

 Traveling is so much fun, but so many things can go wrong when you’re traveling: your hotel may be too noisy, your shampoo can spill in your suitcase and your keys might get lost. All of these and various other problems may be such a drag that they can overshadow all the positive aspects of your trip, which is a real shame. And while it seems like these problems are unavoidable and impossible to fix, the truth is that they really aren’t. In fact, we will show you how to fix them and 15 other travelers' problems in this very article.

1. Nightstand Replacement

packing and hotel tricks phone and glasses tucked in sheet
Image Source: Reddit
Don't worry if you have no nightstand in your hotel room. Simply tuck your phone, glasses and other belongings you need to have on hand in the bedsheets on the side of the mattress like so.

2. Make Use of Shower Caps

packing and hotel tricks shower cap on sneakers in suitcase
Image Source: noteabley
The shower cap is one of those multifunctional items that has countless handy uses. One way you can use a shower cap is to store shoes in your suitcase. This way, your suitcase, and all its contents will remain clean and shoe mark free, even when you had no time to clean those shoes.

3. Secure Disposable Razors

packing and hotel tricks binder clip over razor
Image Source: dinosaursandrobots
Binder clips, too, come very handy both in the household and while traveling. For one, they can be used to replace or secure the protective case of disposable and safety razors. We'd say that if you're traveling with kids, this trick is a must!

4. Stash Some Emergency Cash in a ChapStick Bullet

packing and hotel tricks mergency Cash in a Chap Stick Bullet
Image Source: Reddit
Having some emergency cash on hand is also mandatory during any trip, as you never know what could happen to your wallet or credit cards. The most inconspicuous place for your stash is an empty lip balm or lipstick holder.

5. An Impromptu Phone Holder

packing and hotel tricks Impromptu Phone Holder from Can
Image Source: Reddit
Forgot your phone holder at home? No worries, grab an empty can from any beverage and mold it into this impromptu DIY phone holder, fast and easy!

6. If You Need to Insert a Key to Turn On the Electricity in Your Room...

packing and hotel tricks electicity key hack hotel
Image Source: Reddit
Some hotels have these energy-saving systems that require a card key for you to have electricity in the hotel room, which can be a hassle. You can insert anything into the power switch slot to get non-stop power in your room without using the key.

7. The Ultimate Hack to Make Hotel Hair Dryers Work

packing and hotel tricks hair dryer hack hair tie
Image Source: Reddit
You know these hairdryers all too well. The most annoying thing about them is that you have to push the ON button every few minutes for them to continue working, which is not a fun experience if you have long hair. The good thing is that you can just wrap a hair tie around the button and the hairdryer will work continuously until you remove the hair tie.

8. Don't Have a Travel-Friendly Jewelry Box? No Worries!

packing and hotel tricks pill box as jewelry storage
Image Source: Reddit
You can always use a pill case to sort your jewelry if you have no travel-friendly jewelry box. You can also put hair ties and other small things in one of the compartments and have everything sorted and ready for you to use, even while traveling.

9. Towels Have SO Many Great Uses

packing and hotel tricks towels

Towels are that rare item that every hotel provides, and that's very good news for an inventive traveler, as they can be used in so many different ways. For one, you can use a towel to block any outside noise, light or cold in a hotel room by simply rolling it up and placing under the door.

A towel can also help you if the air in your hotel room is too dry. Simply wet the towel, hang it on a chair and move the chair close to the air vent, and voila! You have a DIY air humidifier.  

10. Here Is Another Use For Towels

packing and hotel tricks small towel instead of soap holder
Image Source: Reddit
Use a small towel instead of a soap holder if your hotel doesn't provide one and you need to keep the germs away from your bar of soap.

11. Secure Your Toiletries From Spillage

packing and hotel tricks Secure Your Toiletries From Spillage with plastic wrap
Image Source: Reddit
Plastic wrap is another one of those universal tools. If you find that the caps on your shampoo, hair conditioner or any other liquid has a chance to leak out of the bottle, place a piece of plastic wrap between the cap and the bottle, and you'll be safe to put it in your suitcase.

12. Don't Have a Toothbrush Case? Do This:

packing and hotel tricks bottle as a toothbrush case
Image Source: Reddit
The toothbrush is probably the item to be forgotten at home the most, of all things. As a result, you will have to buy a cheap temporary replacement toothbrush for your trip, and those rarely come with cases. To make sure your toothbrush won't get dirty while you're traveling, you can simply put it in a plastic bottle and use that as a case throughout your journey.

13. When the Cables Keep Falling on the Floor in a Hotel Room...

packing and hotel tricks prevent cable from falling
Image Source: Reddit
Using a plastic fork to secure the phone or laptop charging cable is the easiest way of preventing the cables from annoyingly falling on the floor.

14. When the Hotel Curtains Don't Close Fully

packing and hotel tricks curtains hanger closing hack
Image Source: Reddit
Grab a hanger with clips and close the curtains all the way to give you some privacy and seal you away from all those annoying lights on the outside.

15. A Solution For When You Don't Have a Mini Fridge in Your Hotel Room

packing and hotel tricks diy mini fridge hotel trashcan
Image Source: Imgur
Not being able to keep your beverages cool in a hotel room is a constant problem. A portable solution for this issue lies in your garbage bin, literally. Simply use a clean bin liner, fill the trashcan with some ice, and there you have it, an impromptu cooler.

16. A Trick To Make Sure Your Toothbrush Doesn't Make Contact With Hotel Germs

packing and hotel tricks toothbrush hotel trick
Image Source: Reddit
This is a great trick if you're a germaphobe like me and need to make sure your toothbrush is secured and won't get in contact with any bathroom surfaces. 

17. Attach Your Car Keys to Your Phone Charger to Make sure You Don't Forget Them

packing and hotel tricks car keys attached to phone charger
Image Source: Reddit
Car keys are phone chargers are both equally important, so why not marry them to avoid leaving either in your hotel room?

18. A Solution For When You Need to Iron Your Clothes But Have No Iron

packing and hotel tricks straighten clothes in the shower
Image Source: noteabley
If you're in dire need of an iron but have no access to one during your travels, you can just hang the clothing item that needs ironing in the bathroom after taking a shower, or a run some hot water in the shower purposefully to fill up the bathroom with steam. The steam will act as a steamer and iron out any creases.
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