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Upgrade Me Please: Airplane Food in Coach vs. First Class

 After the American War of Independence and the French Revolution, we'd like to think we’re living in a world free of rigid class distinctions and aristocracy, but at least in one place and situation we are met with the reality of the difference in service and accommodations that money and influence can buy: the airplane.
We’ve all been there, feeling like peasants as we’re making our way past the leisurely recliners of first and business classes on our way to coach. But it’s not just the seats that are different. While for most of us, airplane food is synonymous with poor quality and poorer taste, our fellow travelers in business class are enjoying a delicious meal. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!
Before you are several examples of economy class meals from different airlines. Click on the pictures to see what people are eating in business or first class on that very same plane.
1. Air Canada
Airplane food: air canada
2. Cathay Pacific
Airplane food: cathay pacific
3. Japan Airlines
Airplane food: japan airplanes
4. Turkish Airlines
Airplane food: turkish airlines
5. All Nippon Airways
Airplane food: ana
6. Lufthansa
Airplane food: lufthansa
7. Emirates
Airplane food: emirates
8. EVA Air
Airplane food: eva air
9. Asiana Airlines
Airplane food: asiana
10. Virgin Atlantic
Airplane food: virgin atlantic
11. Qantas
Airplane food: Qantas

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