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14 Inspiring Films Based on Books For Every Taste

 The world of cinema is a vast ocean, and it can be difficult to find a really good film to watch on a free evening. But there are a few select films that one can view over and over again, likely because there is something so relatable and touching in these stories that simply clicks with everyone. We have carefully selected a list of 15 excellent films, both new finds and old favorites, all of which are worth remembering and re-watching. We also didn’t limit our choices to a genre or age so that you would be able to find and share these movie recommendations with everyone. Finally, all of these films are based on works of literature, so they double as reading suggestions as well. Before you dive into the list, note that this is video playlist and you can watch a trailer to each and every one of these films by simply clicking on the images.


Based on: 'Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption' (1982) by Stephen King.

A timeless classic film that tells the story of friendship, ingenuity and perseverance even in the hardest of circumstances. Who wouldn't want to re-watch this one? If it'll be your first time watching this film, we envy you, as you are guaranteed to have an outstanding movie night.
Based on: 'The Pianist' (a 1946 memoir) by Wladyslaw Szpilman. 

This film earned an excellent reputation and won several awards, and for good reason. We dare say it's one of the most outstanding World War II films ever made, one that will leave no one unimpressed. Do keep the tissues at hand, as this tragic story about a Jewish musician struggling to survive the horrors of the war is heartbreaking.
Based on: 'The Sisters Brothers' (2011) by Patrick deWitt.

This very fresh film gives a fresh and unexpected twist to the classic Western genre. It is a story about an infamous duo of assassins, Eli and Charlie Sister, tracking their latest targets. It is a dark comedy, and, as it often happens, the lives of all the characters will take a series of unexpected turns.
Based on: 'Forrest Gump' (1986) by Winston Groom.

Yet another must (re)watch film that is both beautiful, meaningful and completely captivating. Every time I watch this movie, I find yet another layer of meaning, yet another captivating detail as I observe the life of a whole generation through the innocent Forrest's eyes.
Based on: 'Fantastic Mr Fox' (1974) by Roald Dahl.

For those of you who are looking for a film that would be great to watch with the whole family, the smallest ones included, this is it. Not only is it a charming and dramatic story about a family of foxes and other forest creatures, it is executed in the unusual genre of stop motion animation, which makes it very appealing visually. Plus, the humor in it is something to behold.
Based on: 'The English Patient' (1992) by Michael Ondaatje.
For those of you who are craving some romance and drama, take a look at this classic romantic war drama about a nurse tending to a crash victim who shares the story of his romantic life in flashbacks. This film is considered to be one of the best in the genre, and it touched the hearts of millions through the years.
Loosely based on:  'I, Robot' (1950) by Isaac Asimov.
We live in the days when artificial intelligence no longer resides in the realm of fiction, but is a scientific goal for many developers. Take a glimpse on how the world could look like in the nearest future and ponder upon the moral and philosophical dilemmas that go with it, raised in this film.
Based on: 'Catch Me If You Can' (1980) by Frank Abagnale Jr., Stan Redding.

This movie offers and unforgettable spectacle, as it allows you to witness the life of one of the greatest con artists of the past century, Frank Abagnale Jr. I don't know what makes his wildcat adventures so irresistible, but everyone just seems to love this film.
Based on: 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' (1900) by L. Frank Baum.
Have you shown this film to your kids and grandkids? If not, gather them all in front of the TV, get a bowl of popcorn and start the viewing. This is a story for all ages and all people, inspiring entire generations throughout the years. Even as an adult, I keep re-watching this movie from time to time, and every time, I cheer on with Dorothy and her friends.  
Based on: The Color Purple (1982) by Alice Walker.
In my opinion, this is one of Steven Spielberg's most underrated works. Don't get me wrong, the film still received wide acclaim and several awards, but this inspiring story of an African American woman transcending the burdens of race, gender inequality and abuse is so powerful that it should be at least as famous as the 'Jurassic Park' franchise.
Based on: 'Who Censored Roger Rabbit?' (1981) by Gary K. Wolf.
This film made the list to make you laugh and remember about your inner child. Who said cartoons are just for kids, after all? It delivers this message very well, featuring some powerful, often dark, humor in the most unusual blend of film and animation. Follow the detective story about Roger, a cartoon rabbit, who was wrongfully accused of some pretty serious crimes.
Based on: 'Gone with the Wind' (1936) by Margaret Mitchell.
I'm ready to re-watch this intriguing, convoluted and turbulent romance on a weekly basis just for the settings and costumes alone, and I know that many of you will agree that this film is one of the best ones ever made for a few reasons: the plot, the storytelling and the settings are all utter and complete perfection.  
Based on: 'Life of Pi' (2001) by Yann Martel.

A lesser-known film, 'Life of Pi' offers a very artistic and beautiful rendering of a unique story of adventure and discovery. A young man is cast away in a boat after a shipwreck, forced to form a bond with another survivor, a tiger. Will they be able to work together to survive and find land?
Based on: 'Alan Turing: The Enigma' (1983) by Andrew Hodges.

One of the most inspiring films released during the past few years, 'The Imitation Game' follows the story of Alan Turing, a British cryptanalyst trying to break the German Enigma code during WWII. The film is both dramatic and hopeful, and it shows the important role scientists play in military efforts, all-too-often downplayed in war films.
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