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12 Celebrity Secrets Of How To Look Stunning In Photos

 Being photogenic is not so much an innate talent as it is a valuable skill. Celebrities and models likewise have a lot of tricks up their sleeves that help them always look beautiful, sexy and charismatic in pictures. We’re not talking about plastic surgery, professional makeup artists, hairstylists, and luxurious clothing either, as even without all of those things, you can improve how you look in photos in minutes with just a few posing tricks. Here are 12 celebrity posing secrets that will teach you to highlight your best self in front of a camera lens.

Tip 1. To make your lips look fuller, breathe out through your mouth 

celebrity photo hacks Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron always uses this hack when she takes pictures, that's why you can always see a little gap in the middle of her lips if you look closer. At the same time, she isn't tensing up her jaw muscles, so the effect still looks very natural and elegant, unlike the infamous "duck face" pout.

Tip 2. To smoothen out the fine lines around your eyes, open your eyes wide

celebrity photo hacks julia robberts
Julia Roberts is very famous for her beautiful smile and an always fresh and lively appearance. She achieves this cheerful and energetic look in photos by opening her eyes quite wide. The same trick can help you get rid of crows feet.
Tip 3. To highlight your arms and collar bones, raise your shoulders slightly
celebrity photo hacks Sandra bullock
Sandra Bullock has one of the most famous and beautiful arms in Hollywood, and the wise woman she is, she never misses out on the opportunity to highlight them by raising the shoulders up a little and resting one of her arms on her hips as she did in the pictures above. By raising your shoulders you also make your collar bones more prominent, which has a very cinque appearance.

Tip 4. Get rid of the double chin by pressing your tongue against the top teeth

celebrity photo hacks blake lively
This clever trick used by Blake Lively in the picture above creates the appearance of a more defined neckline. By pressing your tongue flat against your top teeth, you activate your neckline muscles, which give you a temporary jawline lift, clever, isn't it?

Tip 5. For a mysterious, smoldering look, squint your eyes slightly

celebrity photo hacks George clooney
Who says it's only women who can have a few tricks up their sleeve? Many male celebrities also have posing tricks. George Clooney, for example, sometimes squints his eyes a bit to get that mysterious appearance. Many female models and celebrities use this trick, too, such as Keira Knightley, for example.

Tip 6. Exaggerate and lift your cheekbones by slightly sucking in your cheeks 

celebrity photo hacks Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is very proud of her prominent cheekbones, and she always likes to bring them out a bit by sucking in her cheeks or gripping the inside of the corners of her mouth with her teeth, or both. You do have to practice this one a little bit before the camera, though, as it is quite easy to go overboard and it will look unnatural.

Tip 7. Give your face more roundness and innocence by smiling only with the corners

celebrity photo hacks Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten's signature smile make her cheeks and lips look rounder and friendlier, but it also gives her this cute and innocent look. She achieves it by simply smiling by lifting the corners of her lips, but keeping the bulk of the lips relaxed.

Tip 8. Make your light-colored eyes stand out by raising your eyebrows and looking straight ahead

celebrity photo hacks Jennifer Lawrence
You can make your blue, green or gray eyes stand out not only with makeup. Jennifer Lawrence has beautiful gray eyes, which she makes even more prominent by raising her eyebrows just a tinge and looking straight ahead without focusing on a specific object. But the black eyeliner also helps, of course.

Tip 9. To look sexy, pout and slightly open your lips

celebrity photo hacks Megan Fox
Megan Fox has a very daring and sultry persona, at least in front of a camera. She has a few tricks that she does to look incredibly sexy in front of a camera. She either pouts and opens her lips a little bit like she does on the picture to the left, or even sticks out her tongue a little bit.

Tip 10. To appear kind and  down-to-earth, bow your head a little

celebrity photo hacks Meghan Markle
To appear friendly and kind, it isn't enough to smile as widely as you possibly can. You have to smile with your eyes and your mouth, and also bow a little, this will invite your audience and make you look closer to your audience. Meghan Markle, like a true princess, nails this trick.
Tip 11. Give yourself and instant facelift by tensing up your neck 
celebrity photo hacks Nicole Kidman
I have no idea how she does it, but Nicole Kidman is just one of those celebrities that doesn't seem to age. The odd facelift and access to a personal facialist probably help a lot with that, but smart posing can also do the trick. Nicole often tenses up her neck when she has her picture taken, which not only improves her posture but also wakes up her entire face and gives her a jaw and cheek lift. This clever trick makes her always look oh so graceful and breathtaking.

Tip 12. Draw attention to your lips and jawline by raising your chin

celebrity photo hacks Monika Bellucci
Monika Bellucci is one of the most gorgeous natural beauties out there. She has beautiful full lips, a long neck, and a defined jawline. She likes to raise her chin a tiny bit and tilt her head slightly to the side to bring attention to her amazing features. This trick also makes your neck look younger and longer, so it's quite a popular one.
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