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Adorable Kittens of the Wild

 We all know cute kittens are the best and cuddliest little things ever. Well, this is true of all kittens and cubs, no matter the cat! Take a look at these fuzzy babies, but remember: wild cats are just that- wild, they are not meant to be domesticated and should never be held as pets.
What a handsome boy, and so serious!
Cubs and kittens:
This lion cub will rule the savannah
Cubs and kittens: lion
Cheetah cubs are the absolutely cutest!
Cubs and kittens: cheetah
Look at this little hunter stalking his prey
Cubs and kittens: leopard
Can you guess what this gorgeous cub is? It's a puma!
Cubs and kittens: cougar
Lynx kittens have the most adorable little tail
Cubs and kittens: lynx
Snow leopard sightings are very rare, here's a trio
Cubs and kittens: snow leopard
Black leopards like this baby are just regular leopards with melanism
Cubs and kittens: black leopard
Likewise, this majestic tiger lacks a specific pigment, making him white
Cubs and kittens: white tiger
Caracals are easy to recognize due to their ear tufts and beautiful red coat
Cubs and kittens: caracal
This little climber is an African serval
Cubs and kittens: serval
MOM! You're not taking my twig away!
Cubs and kittens: clouded leopard
These fuzzballs are manul, or Pallas's kitten
Cubs and kittens: manul
RAWR! This baby jaguar means business!
Cubs and kittens: jaguar
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