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6 Touching Love Stories That Easily Outshine Any Film

 We often forget that love has no limits and take the connections we have for granted. Especially for Valentine’s Day, we compiled these 6 tear-jerking love stories. They are here to remind us that pure love is among us, and it inspires even the most ordinary people to extraordinary deeds.

A Story of Ted Richardson's Unbelievable Dedication to His Late Wife

This is a story of complete dedication to love, even when a loved one is no longer present in this world. For more than 5 years every morning at 6:30 AM sharp 93-year-old Ted Richardson visits his late wife’s grave and brings flowers.

“I owe here that much… In 72 years, she lost her temper just once, and that was my fault,” says Ted jokingly to the CBS news reporter. He lovingly calls his daily visits ‘payback time’, and he promptly pays his wife Florence back for over 70 years of happy marriage with carnations.

As of the end of 2018, paid 1308 visits to his late sweetheart, and he’s not about to stop. He says, “I’ll keep going as long as I can go. God will tell me when I’ve had enough”. What could possibly be more romantic than that? 

Love Blooms Among the Rubble: The Love Story of Lauren Saia and Marty Bruckner

If the previous story was a symbol of dedication, then this one would signify perseverance. Not even a catastrophic hurricane could stop this couple from getting married.

When Hurricane Irma destroyed their home in San Juan, this couple had to postpone their wedding. For months after the tragedy has struck, they invested all of their time to help rebuild their paradise, their home island. Soon enough, they released the most enchanting engagement photos, featuring the ravaged island in the background.

A short while after, their island bloomed once more when the entire community helped create and celebrated the courageous couple’s wedding.

When He's Always By Your Side: The Beautiful Tale About Hannah and Stuart Patterson

It is customary for the groom to carry away the bride at the end of the wedding ceremony, but Hannah and Stuart Peterson are different.

On their wedding day, Stuart carried the bride up the aisle because only a few weeks before the wedding, Hannah got a serious injury in a car accident. If that is not enough of a loving gesture, the family also admitted that Stuart didn’t leave Hannah for a minute after the accident.

He devoted himself completely to her recovery and held her hand, sleeping in a hospital chair beside her for days. True love is caring and tender, just like this amazing love story.

A Catastrophic Day: How Roseann Sdoia Met Mike Materia

Sometimes, the worst day of your life is simultaneously the best one. This was the case with Roseann Sdoia, who suffered a terrible leg injury during the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

On the same day, she met her future husband. He saved her life. Mike Materia was the firefighter who rushed her to the hospital. He was holding her hand and was a shoulder to cry on during her recovery, often spending hours with her at doctor’s offices and hospitals.

4 years after the day they met, Mike proposed to Roseann. The love story of the firefighter and the woman he saved inspires and motivates all to stay positive even in moments of hardship and pain.

The Unforgettable Love Story of Angela and Jeff Hartung, Take Two

Soulmates exist, and this story is here to prove it to you. Angela Hartung is another car accident victim, but her trauma was not physical, as after the accident she forgot the last 15 years of her life.

This meant that Jeff, her loving husband, had to make her fall in love with him all over again. We know, it’s hard to believe, but this story is not a Latin soap opera. Poor Jeff had to convince the woman he was married to for 13 years that he was her husband and not some stranger.

With time, a lot of convincing and even more romance, Angela finally said "I do" and the couple remarried in 2016.


The Unknown Elderly Couple That Will Stay in Our Hearts Forever

Even if all the previous stories didn’t touch you, we have one final tale that will melt the heart of even the grumpiest of skeptics.

This poor 100-year-old man refused to let go of the hand of his dying wife. Their granddaughter wrote on social media that the couple celebrated a 77 year anniversary not long before the 96-year-old woman passed.

This story proves that love never dies.

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Image Source: goodhousekeeping, reddit
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