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Driving in Winter: 10 Guides to Solve Winter Car Issues

 Winter is upon us, and with it come the usual suspects: Rain, mud, snow, and ice, along with dropping temperatures. As drivers and car owners who live in cold climates, we know that just driving your car, as usual, is not a good idea. If you want to stay safe while also keeping your car in tiptop shape, a good amount of knowledge is required. The video guides below will give you great tips about maintaining, fixing, washing and driving your car during these winter months.


How to Prepare Your Car For Winter
Before you do anything, make sure your car is actually ready for the coming winter and the mud, frost and typical car troubles it brings. This won't prevent everything, but being prepared will save you a lot of time and money later. Here are tips to prepare your car.
How to Drive On Icy Roads
The biggest hazard in winter is an icy road. Icy roads take a terrible price in human injury and mortality, and knowing how to drive can really save your life in an emergency, where quick action is the difference between life and death.
How to De-Ice Your Car
Any of us living in a cold climate knows well the hassle of ice accumulating on your car. While there are ways to prevent it, what do we do when the ice has already taken hold? This next video will show you how to solve it in 2.5 minutes.
How to Wash Your Car During Winter
Washing the car is usually an easy, simple task. Not so in the winter, when mud, salt, loose rocks, and branches can easily get stuck in all kinds of hard-to-reach places. This next video will show you what to do and what not to do when cleaning a car in winter.
Removing Heavy Dirt and Grime
While washing is all well and good, the really hard stuff - the heavy dirt and grime - that accumulates during the winter months is no easy task, and for that, we've dedicated a video that'll show you how to finish the winter washing with grime removal.
Great Winter Car Tips
Beyond what you've already learned, here are some great tips every car owner should know during winter time. Have a look and thank us later for the knowledge!
50 Examples of How NOT to Drive on Snow
Warning: This next video may alarm you, as it shows mistakes people make while driving on snow. This leads to accidents, so you may see a few of them in this video. However, we believe it is just as important to see the folly of others to prepare one for avoiding mistakes during these potentially deadly months. 
Comparing the Best Windshield Wipers for 2018
Windshield wipers are not just important during the winter months, they are essential, and if they get damaged or stop working, there is no driving that car safely. This video will compare the best windshield wipers for 2018, from the cheap and reliable to the expensive and inventive.
What to Do When the Car Won't Start
A common problem in winter is when your car just won't start. Even if it's not because of the weather, being unable to start your car in winter and being caught without warmth is also dangerous. This is why Chris from Chrisfix is going to show you exactly what to do when this problem arises.
How to Deal With a Bad Spark Plug
Chris will now show us how to deal with another common problem a car owner wrestles with during winter, and that is a bad spark plug. Without it, you can't start the car. Chris will now show you how to find out if it's a bad spark plug, and what to do about it.
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