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6 Body Oddities Many People Have

 While what follows may sound unbelievable, it's true! For some reason, almost every person, regardless of where they were born have marks of incomprehensible origin on their index fingers. In a discussion about anomalies, network users found that there were other suspicious things that are inherent in almost every inhabitant on Earth. Below we will attempt to understand this strange phenomenon and determine whether it's a simple coincidence or if there's a logical explanation behind these anomalies. We bet you'll be surprised.   
Do you also have a scar on your index finger?
body oddities
This was first mentioned by journalist Oleg Kashin in a tweet, in which he suggested that this scar was only found on men's fingers. However, it soon became clear that women also have scars on their index fingers. The explanation offered is that most likely, the reason is statistics. If you are a right-handed person, the scar on your left index finger probably appeared after you cut yourself with a knife in the kitchen or after working with a hammer and nails. 
Do you have white blemishes on your left knee? Perhaps on both?
body oddities
Look closely. They are especially noticeable if you have a tan. Some may have more and others less. This may occur because you have likely fallen on your knees as a child and those white spots are what is left of the sores. If you are left-handed you'll have more white spots on your right knee. And if you're right-handed you'll have more on the left. 
One eye can see better than the other.
body oddities
Test this out by closing one eye and looking into the distance. Then open it and close the other one. If you are over 20 years old and you do not wear glasses, it is very likely that you can see better from one eye than the other. Usually, there is nothing to worry about as more often than not, one eye leads and the brain relies on it to get the full picture. As a result, you may sometimes see a blurred image when looking at a long distance with one eye. Nevertheless, you should always get your eyes checked as it may be a symptom of a disease or age-related changes.  
You can lift your left eyebrow, or both at once, but not just the right one...
body oddities
You most likely can raise your left eyebrow or both, but you cannot lift the right eyebrow without lifting the left. This can also be the opposite - you can raise the right eyebrow but not the left. A likely explanation is that the nerves and muscles are not quite symmetrical, so there are some things that half of the body does better than the other. While some manage to lift each eyebrow independently, it's extremely rare. 
You can kind of do the “monocle” but not the “binoculars”.
body oddities
Have you ever seen footballer Dele Alli do some incredible stuff with his hands? He posts these strange finger gestures on his social media and users try to recreate them, posting their own photos with the #DeleAlliChallenge hashtag. But how does he do them? These tricks are easy for children to do because they have flexible fingers and young joints. So, in this case, the monocle of two fingers is easy enough for adults to do, but only a few people can pull off the glasses of 4 fingers. 
Do you have a birthmark? Is it near the knee or in the armpit?
body oddities
Most birthmarks tend to disappear during the first years of a person's life, though some remain forever. Most birthmarks are located in the armpit, closer to the back, or next to the knee, on the inside of the thigh. Statistics show that every 10th person is born with a birthmark. The ones that remain noticeable on the skin throughout their whole life are formed next to the armpit or on the leg. The reasons are still unclear. 
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