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A Wonderful Collection of Smiling Animals

 Some people say that animals can’t smile, but we’re about to prove them wrong with this cute and funny collection of smiling animals. The following 17 photos are almost certain to brighten your day!


One expectant mother’s smile is worth it all.

smiling pregnant dog

It seems that even this big fox can’t resist the power of a hug.

smiling fox

When you laugh - you do it with all your heart, just like this horse.

smiling horse

Family reunions can be quite frustrating, but it seems that this encounter - between a fox and a dog - went well!

smiling fox and husky

Just let the tiger smile broadly, and you can see it turns from a scary predator into a soft, cute kitten.

smiling tiger

A Zen moment with the balancing cat.

smiling cat

These cows give warm kisses to thank the faithful dog guarding them, and it can’t help but smile from ear to ear.

smiling dog

When a new sibling is brought home...

smiling dog

The sly grin of a sneaky lizard.

smiling lizard

"You two - give me a proud winner’s smile!"

smiling parrots

Another big cat wearing a smile and turning into a sweet creature - it never gets old!

smiling tiger cub

"Oh, what a wonderful surprise!"

smiling beaver

"Why be sad when you can be a bear? To have a good day, a smile you must wear!”

smiling bear

Someone looks up to no good….

smiling chihuahua

What magic- this deer’s smile can make anyone’s day.

smiling deer

With that thin, pleasant smile, it’s easy to believe that a kiss will turn this frog into a prince.

smiling frog
"The world is a happy place!"
smiling lamb
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