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Amazing Bas-Relief Art by Goga Tandashvili

 Bas-relief is an artistic technique that goes back centuries – it’s a way of sculpting slightly raised figures from a flat surface. Bas-relief sculptures could be found on the walls of all different temples and buildings in ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt, and now it’s making a comeback.


Goga Tandashvili, a Russian artist, is a master of this art. He is inspired by the natural world and loves nothing more than sculpting long-tailed birds, flowers, and luxurious fronds of fern. Goga is also a painter, and this talent comes in handy when creating his sculptures. He draws on the wall, then adds material on top of the lines to create a 3D effect, bringing interiors to life with vivid contours and textures.

Scroll down to check out some of Goga’s amazing work for yourself!



Source: boredpanda 


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