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The World Puzzle - A Lovely Story!

A scientist sat and worked, when suddenly approached by his 9-year-old son, determined to help him in his work.

The scientist, who would rather not be interrupted, tried to ask his son to go somewhere else for a while, but when he saw that he would not, he started looking for something that can keep a child busy.
He grabbed and tore a page from a booklet with world map, cut it into small pieces, and gave it to the child with a roll of duct tape.
"Do you like puzzles?" he said, "Take this dismantled world map and see if you can fix it yourself."

He was confident the child would take many days to assemble the map, but a few hours later, he heard the voice
of the son calling him "Dad, I'm done, I put everything back together."
At first, he did not believe it: "It isn't possible at the age of nine to reconstruct a map of the world he had never seen before!He thought. But he put down his notes, and went to his son, when he was sure he was going to see a mess.

To his surprise, the map was perfect and all the pieces were in place!

"How did you DO that??" The scientist asked his son "how did you put the world back together?".

"Well, dad," the boy answered, "I don't know the world, but when you tore the page from the magazine, I saw on the other side a picture of a man. When you gave me the world to fix, I tried but couldn't. Then I fliped all the pieces and started to fix the person.

And when I fixed the man, I turned it over and saw the world had been fixed as well...
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