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4 Types of Bosses and How to Deal With Them

 While there is no shortage of motivational books for people who want to improve their management skills, there is a shortage of books for people who would like to learn how to interact and deal with their bosses effectively. You've probably known your boss for a while, and it's very possible that they have read some motivational books and learned how to deal with you, but do you know how to work with them according to their personality? After you learn how to do this, you can stand out from all the other employees, impress your higher-ups, and be successful at your job.

types of bosses

1. The “Get Down To Business” Boss

The “get down to business” boss is focused on tasks, achievements, and results, and they like to take action and see people working. This boss is less interested in creating a pleasant work environment and warm relationships among employees, they are very direct and you probably won’t hear praise from them all too often. Sometimes this boss can lose their patience when the people who work under them don’t meet goals or take a lot of time to make decisions, and for them, the most important thing is to move quickly toward goals, show results and manage an effective team.

types of bosses

How to Deal With a “Get Down To Business” Boss

Whatever you may think, it is actually very easy to deal with the “get down to business” boss, because their expectations of their employees are quite predictable; you need to get things done as quickly as possible, and not only I your field of work, when talking to them make sure to keep things short and get straight to the point, find solutions and not just problems and try to learn to do your work yourself if till now you relied on them helping you at every step of the way, as they aren’t really interested in doing so. Don’t try to clash with the “get down to business” boss or challenge their authority and just do what they expect of you - this is the way to gain their respect and appreciation.

2. The “Energizer” Boss

The “energizer” boss is a boss who is full of energy and optimism and has a radiant personality. This type of boss knows how to work with people and does it with enthusiasm and a sense of humor, but they also have a tendency to take risks. “Energizer” bosses are able to efficiently pass on their ideas to other people, and they don’t suffer from routine. They are happy when they are able to concentrate on future ideas and plans, often react quickly (sometimes too quickly) and feel comfortable expressing their opinions and feelings in front of their employees. The “energizer” boss likes to start new projects, but loses interest in the details or completing small steps on the way to the big goal.

types of bosses

How to Deal With an “Energizer” Boss

To work with a boss who is full of energy, you have to adjust to their mood, which means working hard, but not only. Build a personal relationship with them, get excited about their ideas, and if they aren’t good, don’t try telling them so during meetings, rather do it personally and discreetly. Plan well and carry out tasks only after you are ready, and finally, always check yourself twice so that your boss doesn’t encounter your mistakes, making them feel that you are slowing down progress more than if you were to work slowly. The last tip - praise them publicly, they die for it!

3. The “Punctual” Boss

The “punctual” boss appreciates quality and accuracy at work. They tend to be organized and orderly, and want to get all the information that exists on a particular subject before making a decision. Usually, the “punctual” boss has a very slow pace and response and is more concerned about mistakes than other bosses. They may be perceived as a serious, productive, stubborn person, but among all these, the main quality of a “punctual” boss is perfectionism.

types of bosses

How to Deal With a “Punctual” Boss

If your boss conforms to the pattern described above, you must understand what motivates your boss in their decisions and provide them with solutions that fit their way of doing things. Don’t try to surprise them, even with things you think are good, and be prepared for deep questions on the subject you are discussing, because if you aren’t ready, they will doubt your ideas and throw them out the window. At the same time, respect their work process, slow down your pace (your boss isn’t procrastinating, but rather is weighing decisions carefully) and manage your emotions well - learn from criticism and don’t be hurt by it.


4. The “Harmonizer” Boss

The “harmonizer” boss appreciates people, relationships, stability and of course - harmony. They want to help everyone be successful and happy, and their preferred approach is to come to an agreement with the rest of their employees regarding the work being done because they believe that this is the only way to get everyone to work as a team. People tend to see this kind of boss in a positive light, and they are usually perceived as a kind person. The “harmonizer” boss is very much concerned with the quality of the work, but they don’t respond well to stress and problems that arise – therefore, they aren’t the biggest fan of change.

types of bosses

How to Deal With a “Harmonizer” Boss

The good news is that the “harmonizer” boss seems to be making an effort to make your life easier. There are a few things you can do yourself: try working in a team even if you don’t need the help of others, show your boss you aren’t working alone - they will love to it. Also, don’t create drama at work, but rather talk to your superiors discreetly about what's bothering you. However, when you have your own requests, make sure that they don’t undermine the stability of the company, and help your boss make decisions (in general, they are looking more for support rather than suggestions).

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