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8 Ways to Use Essential Oils Without a Diffuser

 Do you love essential oils, but you’re not ready to spend a lot of money on them? We hear you. When we first started using oils a couple of years ago, we were really intrigued by the idea of how they worked, but not so keen to fork out $40-100 on a diffuser to go along with the pricey oils.

If you DO have a diffuser, we've got some tips for you as well!


Luckily, for those of us who don’t want to buy a diffuser, but still want to experience their benefits, there are many ways to do so. Of course, essential oils can always be used topically, which is an effective method, but many oils that are hot or stronger can cause irritation or side effects, and shouldn’t be used topically without a lot of care and really knowing what you’re doing. Below are 8 great ways to use essential oils without a diffuser.

1. Cotton Ball
Essential Oils

Simply put a couple of drops of your oil of choice onto a plain cotton ball. You can place the cotton ball into a fan vent in your car or on your floorboard. The moving air will flow through the cotton ball, diffusing the scent.

2. Spray Bottle

Any type of spray bottle will do. Re-purpose the one under your sink or grab an inexpensive spray bottle from your local dollar store. Add a few drops of your oil to some water and use as an air freshener.

3. Tissue Method
Essential Oils

Sprinkle oils onto a tissue, hand-towel or washcloth near where you sleep or work. One of the best places to sprinkle oil is on your pillowcase at night. Lavender has a great calming effect.


4. In the Dryer

Dryer balls are super inexpensive and seem to last forever. You can just leave them in the dryer so that all you have to do is add a few drops to one of the balls. If you don’t have dryer balls just sprinkle the oil onto a washcloth and toss it in.

5. On the Stove
Essential Oils

One quick way to aromatherapy is simply using a pot on your stove. Fill the pot part way with water and drop some of your essential oils in it. Make sure it doesn’t boil – just steaming will do the job. Add more as needed. This will fill your kitchen with a lovely fragrance.

6. Diffuser Necklace                       

Terracotta pendants worn as a necklace make an affordable alternative to a diffuser. Any essential oil that is applied to the pendant will be absorbed into the clay. Therefore, it will slowly diffuse into the air just under your nose to enjoy or help with a cold.

7. In the Bath
Essential Oils

Draw a warm bath and add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. Jump in and let the stress of the day melt away.

8. Palm or Bottle Method

Simply open the essential oil bottle, take a deep breath, and repeat every few minutes. If it’s an oil that you feel is safe to use on your skin, you can 2-3 drops on your palms, rub them together, and then cup your hands under your face and breathe in deeply.


Source: keeperofthehome
Images: depositphotos

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