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Never-Seen-Before Photos of Stalin-Era USSR

As the USSR was rebuilding after the devastating effect of WWII, the American Martin Manhoff landed in Russia with a suitcase full of the latest photography technology – and importantly, the skills to use it. In 1954, two years since his arrival, Manhoff was deported from the USSR for alleged spying. After his expulsion back to the US, the images Manhoff took during his time in Russia lay hidden in a cupboard for more than six decades. This year, after Manhoff passed away, these revealing, colorful slides of soviet life were -re-discovered by historian Douglas Smith.
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1. Schoolgirls at Kolomenskoye, a former royal estate in the south of Moscow
2. A market in Crimea, a few years before the peninsula was "gifted" to Ukraine by Stalin's successor
3. A street in central Kiev, Ukraine 


4. Kids goofing for Martin's camera in Novospassky Monastery
5. Flooded streets in Kiev, Ukraine 
6. A parade under the walls of the Kremlin 
7. Ostankino Palace, in the north of Moscow 
8. A murky-looking pool in an unknown location 
9. A queue outside a food store in Moscow 
10. A rare color image of Stalin's funeral in 1953
11. Novospassky Monastery in Moscow
12. Window shoppers in Moscow 
13. The central telegraph building in Moscow 
14. A woman snapped from the train 
15. A truck rumbles past the US Embassy in Moscow 
16. A cinema in central Moscow advertising the 1953 film "Lights on the River"
17. A parade in central Moscow
18. A policeman, probably snapped from the top of the US Embassy in Moscow
19. A child walks through a run-down street in Moscow near the Moskva River 
20. Russian officials are photographed from a window above the street in Murmansk


Source: boredpanda 

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