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10 of the Happiest People

 On some days, the happiness that we may feel may seem endless. Usually, they occur on days associated with big events, such as a wedding or the birth of a baby. But sometimes, small things are enough to make you smile ecstatically. We hope that these photos will put a wide smile on your face too, and give you a moment or two to think about what makes you truly happy?
After rebooking their flight, this man and his girlfriend got into business class.
happy moments
This lucky guy admitted that he was 'smiling like a little girl'. But who wouldn't be? With a comfortable massaging seat, high-quality service, a fantastic menu and other unlimited drinks, who wouldn't be?
This 99-year-old lady just got arrested... but it's exactly what she wanted. 
happy moments
As a joke, the Dutch police arrested an old lady for 2 minutes just because it was on her list of unfulfilled wishes.
After two years of searching for a job, this woman finally found one.
happy moments
Her first day was successful, and she loves her new job.
This boy received comics as a gift from the author.
happy moments
He is a big fan of Spider-Man comics and he received a gift from one of their creators, Brian Michael Bendis. After getting into a car accident, the author decided to encourage the boy in this way. 
A blind man holds a cat for the first time.
happy moments
The man may be thrilled... the cat however, does not seem so pleased. Nevertheless, we all know that cats do not like to be held much.
Have you ever seen a baby so ecstatic to see their mom?
happy moments
As you would expect, his mom, Michelle, is also very happy to see him. 
This guy was offered a free trip to Spain, just because of his name.
happy moments
Joe McGrath is a lucky guy! A group of complete strangers offered him a free vacation to Spain, instead of their friend, whose name also happened to be Joe McGrath, who refused to go at the last moment.
This 93-year-old woman, Evelyn plays in VR glasses.
happy moments
At this moment, she saw a huge dragon on the ceiling.
These newlyweds accidentally met Tom Hanks.
happy moments
Newlyweds Elizabeth and Ryan had a wedding photo session in New York's Central Park and suddenly came across an actor who went for a run. This actor happened to be Tom Hanks...
This couple is excited about their engagement.
happy moments
The couple, Amanda and Todd are already married now. They are currently waiting for a baby. Though some people were skeptical about them starting a family because Todd cannot walk and has to use a wheelchair. But as we all know, nothing is an obstacle for true love. 
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