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14 Senior Graduates Prove It’s Never Too Late To Learn

Life can throw all kinds of obstacles at people, diverting them from the path in life they always dreamed to pursue for decades, but some of us are so bold and determined that they're virtually unstoppable. Here are 14 examples of people who pursued education and knowledge in their senior years. Wars, personal struggles and family tragedies delayed their dream to get an education, but eventually, they succeeded to receive a diploma. These people inspire and show us that it's never too late to chase your dreams.

1. This outstanding woman graduated with a Ph.D. at the age of 77. She is the university’s oldest graduate!

senior graduates 77 PhD graduate woman

2. Just a class of seniors with their 92-year-old classmate...

senior graduates high school class with a 92 year old

3. 97-year old Margaret Bekema cries tears of joy as she graduates high school. Margaret left school to take care of sick mother and siblings and only now received her high school diploma

senior graduates Margaret Thome Bekema graduation

4. This 72-year-old Vietnam era veteran just graduated from college with honors

senior graduates 72-year-old Vietnam era veteran

5. This Woman is 65 and she just graduated from college, too

senior graduates 65 and she just graduated from college

6. This is a cute family college graduation picture, but guess who's the graduate? That's right, the 71-year-old dad of the family

senior graduates 71 year old dad

7. It's family first and education second for this 70-year-old college graduate, too

senior graduates 70 year old college graduate

8. This couple finally got their high school diplomas 72 years after they were forced into an internment camp

senior graduates couple gets high school diploma

9. Son and dad just graduated together from the same college, great minds think alike!

senior graduates son and dad graduated from college

10. This master's graduate is also a proud father

senior graduates master's graduate

11. This 55-year-old law school graduate immigrated as an exile from Venezuela only 13 years ago

senior graduates Venezuelan 55 year old law school graduate

12. Say hello to the oldest graduate of East Tennessee State University. She graduated from university at the age of 87

senior graduates 87 year old university graduate

13. 67 is the perfect age to take a college graduation selfie!

senior graduates 65 college graduate selfie

14. Just look at how happy this 98-year-old man is! He didn't have a chance to graduate from high school because, during his senior year, he was drafted to World War I, but now he finally got his diploma! 

senior graduates
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