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16 Fascinating Natural Wonders

 Our vast planet is home to some impressive natural wonders, and is such a fascinating place to live! You don’t need to look hard to find nature’s blessings. They’re all around us, just a stone’s throw away!

We, at BabaMail, suggest that you put everything else on hold for a couple of minutes, and take the time to allow the sheer beauty of these well-timed images to sink in.

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1. A stunning contrast of darkness and light near the Angara River, Russia.
2. One of nature's bizarre dances.
3. As the sun goes down, this may-bug climbs atop a mushroom in order to take flight.
4. These tiny droplets are filled with pure beauty!
5. This rainbow is so close, you can almost touch it.
6. For more than 60 miles, the golden cliffs of the Sinyaya River form the most intricate shapes.
7. Anchored at the edge of the world.
8. These two beauties were spotted grazing at the Caucasus Nature Reserve, Russia.
9. Have you ever seen a hedgehog's heel before?
10. A pasture for three, at Yakutia, Russia.
11. This photo perfectly captures such a stunning moment of brotherly love!
12. An incredibly well-timed photo of a mushroom releasing its spores.
13. Look at those elegant cloud hats surrounding these majestic volcanoes!
14. In this picture, a bubble can be seen delicately resting on top of a tiny mushroom.

15. Black and white smoke mix together as Tolbachik Volcano erupts in Kamchatka.

16. A bombardier beetle ejects a hot spray of chemicals, after it feels threatened.

Source: brightside

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