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Try Not To Laugh At These Sun-Loving Cats

 It seems to be common knowledge that when cats aren't taking a nap, they're usually hatching a cunning plan to take over the world! However, the one activity they seem to love more than anything in the world is spending hours soaking up the sun.

Cats are said to be desert creatures that originally came from the Middle East, and because of this, they have a particularly high tolerance to heat. They also have a much higher body temperature than us humans, and so basking in the sun is vital for them to be able to conserve energy.

Below you can find some of the most amusing and hilarious ways in which cats try to get their fix of sunlight. You don't need cute kittens to fall in love, we bet you can't keep scrolling past them all without them putting a smile on your face!

Do I have a magic cat?


Let's hope this cat doesn't wake up in another city...
Small, scruffy, and soaking up the sun!
Best friends sunbathe together.
Smart cats make the most out of even a sliver of sunshine!
Praise the sun!
Catnip and sunshine complement each other perfectly.
Perfect spot for a quick snooze.
You could almost think they're twins!
Just a few days old and they're already seeking out the sun.
My fur may be long but I'm still not warm enough!
The sun will definitely cure my hangover!
Why sunbathe on the floor when you've got such a lovely box?
Say hello to Rainbow Kitten!
We're fine, this is totally normal! I promise...
This cat is the chosen one!
All of this sun just makes me want to dance!
Don't forget to tan your front, too! 

Chilling in the sun like there's no tomorrow.

Oh, you want to get past? You'll just have to wait!

Source: boredpanda


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