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Take a Virtual Tour of These 10 Roman Museums

 I have just come across the most superb interactive guide to the museums that Rome, Italy has to offer. This guide to 10 amazing museums in Rome has had me experiencing the great city as if I were there in the flesh; and now I invite you to take the same enchanting tour as me! Take a virtual leap into these stunning museums and feel your footsteps carrying you through the ages, where you can witness so many glorious and moving high-points of human endeavor and achievement.

INTERACTIVE: Scroll to the picture of the Colosseum and click on the yellow stars to watch any one of 10 tour videos.


The world contains a terrific, kaleidoscopic mixture of cultures that dazzle us, but we should never forget to pay homage to our own heritage. Rome, the once-upon-a-time capital of the known world, remains, for me, the head and heart of a western civilization, that not only encompasses Europe, but the Americas too. This civilization, for all its impure faults, has reached the pinnacles of art, architecture, music and poetry. After you have watched these 10 amazing museums, just see if you don’t get as inspired as I am now!

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