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These Buildings Are Amazing When Night Falls...

 Some structures are designed so they are not just beautiful creations of architecture, but also dynamic and changing entities. One of the ways to achieve this effect is by using light and color. Every night, they transform buildings like the ones you're about to see into unique and exceptionally beautiful structures. Have a look at some of my favorites, and click on the photos to see them after dark...

CLICK on the images to see the buildings at night!

Helix Bridge, Singapore
Buildings - Light Up - After Dark
This special bridge is designed in a sling-like form. It is lit every night by thousands of light bulbs whose light reaches the sky. 
Busan Cinema Center, South Korea
Buildings - Light Up - After Dark
The lights on top of this unique building can change into an endless array of different patterns.
Royal Pavilion, England
Buildings - Light Up - After Dark
This impressive building once served as a royal resort. Today it is owned by the municipality of Brighton, which conserves it as a popular tourist spot.
Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, China
Buildings - Light Up - After Dark
This extravagant hotel is considered one of the finest health spa resorts in the country, and the way it looks definitely lends credence to that claim. 
Canton Tower, China
Buildings - Light Up - After Dark
This impressive tower reaches a height of nearly 2,000 feet, and is the tallest tower in the country. Every night it is illuminated with many colors and can be seen from almost any point in the city of Guangzhou where it is located.
Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, Kazakhstan
Buildings - Light Up - After Dark
Inside this gigantic structure you'll be able to find an artificial beach, a shopping center, a mini-golf track and grassy fields to sit and relax on at any time, day or night. 
City of Arts and Sciences, Spain
Buildings - Light Up - After Dark
Another example of a giant entertainment center, this time in the city of Valencia, Spain. In this 'city', you'll find a huge cinema, an interactive science museum and the largest aquarium in Europe. 

Beijing National Aquatics Center, China

Buildings - Light Up - After Dark
During the day, this may seem like a graceless cube, but at night this huge structure comes alive with color, and has been nicknamed 'the ice cube' by local residents. 
Adelaide Entertainment Center, Australia
Buildings - Light Up - After Dark
This leading entertainment attraction in Southern Australia boasts an amazing glass ceiling that is 'repainted' every night. 
Lisbon Oriente Station, Portugal
Buildings - Light Up - After Dark
This central train station is impressive during the day, but at night one can truly appreciate the splendor of this structure. 
Banpo Bridge, South Korea
Buildings - Light Up - After Dark
This amazing bridge holds the world record for being the longest bridge fountain ever built. The fountain creates new patterns of movement and color every night. 

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