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You Can Look Taller !

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If you are blessed with the right height it is good for you. But many people cannot boast they are as tall as they would like. In some cases it is just a psychological problem that a person considers himself as too short.

If it is not your case there are some techniques that can help you look taller visually instead of really becoming taller, that is possible either though rather complicated.

There are just a few things you should keep in mind when you wish to look taller.
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Good posture provides many physical and psychological benefits. It is an important component for back health and height increase.

Young Woman

Good posture helps maximize your height not just because of the obvious reason that you are sitting and standing tall rather than slouching and slumping, but for other structural and physiological reasons as well.

You can correct posture by ensuring that you always sit with your back against a chair’s support and being conscious of the fact that you will need to keep a correct posture at all times.

Good standing posture is achieved by leaning against a wall. Keep your head, shoulder blades, buttocks and heels in contact with the wall.

At the same time, use your muscles to pull back your neck, waist and knees to minimize the space between your body and the wall.

There should be only slight gaps. This practice can help you straighten up and give the impression that you look taller than you actually are.


By cleverly organizing the visual elements of clothes, their design, your hairstyle and even accessories you can change the way your body is perceived to the better and make yourself look taller.

Hair style

Wear your hair in the way it makes you appear taller. A hair style for you should be thin at the sides and higher up at the top, which can make you look as much as an inch taller. Do not have any wide hair style.


Beware of clothes with horizontal lines. Belts are horizontal, so make sure you remove them from your wardrobe.
stripped colourful dress
Avoid clothes with a tartan or checked pattern. Instead to look tall, wear clothes with vertical lines or striping.

Pick vertical detailing:

    * thin stripes,
    * visible seams,
    * interesting buttons,
    * contrasting ties.

Vertical lines or stripping make a person appear thinner, and when you are thin you look taller.
stripped grey dress

Avoid wearing baggy clothes. Baggy clothes can look embarrassing on most people, but even more so on short people. It seems to accentuate the lack of height.

Select pieces that won’t break up your body into blocks. For instance, choose a long lean dress, or no-waist pants and skirts. However, clothes you choose shouldn’t be too tight as they can emphasize you are short, because it will expose the frame of the body.

Also beware of garments that are made from heavy and bulky fabric. They add width and hence shorten the image visually.

Wear cuff less pants to make the legs look longer.


Select a monochromatic palette when choosing clothes. One color family from head to toe tricks the eye and brain into thinking “long and lean.”
colour palette

Color Palette

However, don’t make the mistake of going for all long pieces. Go for contrasting proportions. Mix a longer jacket with a shorter skirt, shorter jacket with pants, etc.


Wear platform or heels as they will certainly make you feel and look taller. High stilettos are perfect but not all of us can wear them.

high heeled shoes
The square heels and stacked slides are more comfortable than stilettos ever were, so take advantage.
platform sandals
Don’t wear high platform shoes or too high stilettos if you are short. It is not comfortable and looks ridiculousy.

And don’t forget about long necklaces or pendants, but avoid chokers.

Your earrings should be long either. However, if long earrings do not flatter your face shape you are free to choose something different.

All these tips are good and they really work but there is one thing that is much more important – your vision of yourself! If you are confident and keep smiling, no one will ever notice you are short!
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